Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Over exposure?

I am currently doing what I do on the days that I do not go to the gym and spinning class (don't ask why I'm not at the gym...its a long long story which will inevitably end with my cursing the workers at the Kroger Pharmacy). I'm quickly watching my DVR shows that Danial refuses to watch with me; mainly The View, Dress My Nest, Tori and Dean, etc. I'm currently watching The View from earlier today and their current "Hot Topic" is Bill Maher's recent rant about President Obama being over-exposed. Here is what Maher said in a video clip from You Tube:
I completely agree with Maher! In my opinion, Obama is too concerned with being liked. It is not surprising because as a politician, it is all about getting reelected, but with Obama, its about more than that. Of course he is our president and most notably our first black president however; being president is not a popularity contest. Being liked is not a characteristic of a good leader. A good leader does what is necessary whether or not it is popular (I'm sure there is a famous quote that goes something like that). In the worlds of Laura Ingraham, there is too much "razzle dazzle." He got a new puppy, he went on a date, he ate a cheeseburger with Biden, he killed a FREAKING FLY and its national news! I am so sick of hearing about Obama everyday. I'd rather hear stories about how every day people are making it work for themselves, rather than the American Government telling me how I have to work for them. I'd rather hear that my president is hard at work, than see him on TV all the freaking time. I swear, if I see him on another late night television show in the next month, I will seriously consider moving out of the country (but not a country that provides national health care!).
Is anyone else concerned about our international affairs? I'm not 100% convinced that Obama is. He seems way too concerned with "remaking" America. I do have to start cooking dinner, so I am going to stop ranting for today, but Bill Maher has made people start talking and for that...I am extremely grateful.

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