Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When Danial and I moved into our house, we painted every room in the house in four days. Before you say it, let me: "We were crazy." Not only were we exhausted and tired of the sight of each other after four days straight, but now I'm sick of the color in our house. We painted the house three main colors: a hunter green in the living room; coffee crunch in the living room, kitchen, hall way, and master bedroom; and mohave desert in the office, guest bedroom, and guest bath. I still really like the colors; I guess I’m just sick of seeing the color in our bedroom everywhere else in the house. I feel like a bedroom should be a special place you want to be, not the room that you go into right before you go to sleep at night.

This is the duvet color that we currently have in our bedroom:
I purchased this from Urban Outfitters late 2008.  Its still in great condition and honestly has held up in the washer much better than I expected it would.  'Washable' is a MUST in the bedding that Danial and I purchase for our bedroom since "The Fergus" sleeps with us at night.  (Yes, we are suckers!)I really liked the duvet cover at first and then I realized I think I bought it because it had been months of looking until I found something I even remotely liked, so I just grabbed it before I could think twice. It’s happy and cheerful; I just don’t think it is really our style. The longer Danial and I are together, the more our style grows and molds together. I think we finally are to the point where we know what the other likes (clothes and household goods). After five years together, it feels good to finally know what his aesthetic is!Our bedroom is on the smaller side, so we opted for minimal furniture in our bedroom. Our bedroom furniture is from IKEA, we have the MALM bed, side tables, and the long 6-draw dresser in Black-Brown. We are switching out the side tables for bed-to-wall shelves. We are going to use floating shelving brackets to make the bed appear as if it is a built in unit. Hopefully a trip to IKEA will happen before Christmas so we can pick up the shelves, as well as these wall scones.  (I will probably swap the shades that come with the lamps for these shades in red.) I can’t wait to finally have a bedside light. As it currently stands, if I want to read in bed I must use either the overhead light or the dim light of the TV.Last weekend I went to Kohls and purchased the following bedroom dressings:
I loved the citrine color of the Simply Vera Vera Wang Flora Duvet. The fabric is so soft and the chevron quilting pattern is a masculine touch against the Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Sheet Set. The sheets have a feminine pleat on the pillows and the top of the sheet. The best part is that I was at Kohls during a sale weekend and snagged the Egyptian cotton sheet set for $35!! I’m still looking for a duvet cover, bedspread, or quilt to finish off the bedding. It’s really hard to find something that isn’t too girly or too masculine and that is still cute and will “go” with the rest of our things.  I really love love love the bedding at Anthropologie, but I'd feel a little silly dropping that kind of dough for bedding that our dog will slobber all of.I've decided that I'm not buying a duvet cover or comforter until I'm absolutely in love with.  I saw the citrine duvet online and thought "oh that's cute" but then after four days of still thinking about it, I knew I needed to see it in person.  Once I touched it and realized how luxe it was, I couldn't pass it up.I will post pictures once we have our bed-to-wall shelves up and our wall lamps installed.  Until then, here is some of my bedroom inspiration:

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