Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things you want, but don't need

Perhaps it is because I saw previews for the new Alice In Wonderland movie or maybe it’s because when I was little I always wanted one, either way I haven’t grown out of wanting a grown up tea set. I was searching online and found this fabulous set at Anthropologie.
At only $49.99 I think this is a pretty good deal considering the package-cup, saucer, cream, sugar, tea pot and lid.  I also thing this is great because it will look so cute sitting on the counter when not in use.  This may have to be one of those things I purchase for myself as a little "gift to me".  For now...I will imagine myself staring out our front window, watching the snow fall, curled up with my favorite blanket, my dog, and my man drinking out of a robins egg blue cup....

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