Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bridesmaid, soon to be a bride

I recently found out that I am in my friend’s wedding on Valentine’s Day. I love Matt and Ashley so much and I am much honored that they asked me to step in for them! Their love is great. They are the type of couple when you are around them for just 5 minutes you can tell a few things: 1) He adores her 2) They are great friends and buddies 3) She adores him 4) They have a great time together 5) Their love will last forever. Here is a picture of them. See how cute they are:

Ashley is a great bride already. The first thing she said to me was, “I don’t care what your dress looks like. It needs to be black and to the knee.” That was it! Yes! Well…good for me that I already had my dress! I purchased it at Target for $7.48 in the fall. The plan was to wear it to the wedding, since Danial is in the wedding; I wanted to look like we “went” together. The dress is super cute and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn circa Roman Holiday. The theme for their wedding is “vintage Hollywood” which means that I should blend in with my vintage styled dress. (I still need to have my mom help me hem the dress since I’m about 5 inches shorter than the model here. Also, my dress fits more snug on top, so the full skirt is more emphasized, which I think looks even more vintage.) Here is a picture:

I was trying to find some hairstyles to go with my vintage look for the wedding. These are a few that I like:
All I need to do now is to buy some new shoes.  I thinking either black (since I need new black dress shoes anyway) or silver.  I want to try to find something with a small heel or a cute vintage inspired wedge.  I also want to find a cute fabric flower for the belt on my dress to make it look a little younger.  Something like this, but in black.  Shopping trip planned with my mom for next Saturday. Yay!!

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