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Probably one of the best parts about planning a wedding is planning the honeymoon. I can only imagine how much you need a vacation after months and in our case, over a year planning a wedding! Danial and I have not taken a real vacation since we first starting dating (5 years ago). Needless to say we are in need of a fabulous vacation.
Our first thought for a honeymoon was Ireland and then we caught a glimpse of plane tickets alone we quickly tossed that idea in the recycling bin. Hawaii was also on our radar and still might be an idea. I've been trying to think more reasonable since we are paying for most of the wedding on our own and we will be starting a family shortly after we get married. Having said that, my thoughts have moved towards California. California was the place of our first vacation together, so why not go back as husband and wife? Here are some ideas I have found while searching online:
San Francisco:
I've never been to San Fran, but it always looks so beautiful in pictures. I'd love to be by the water and experience all the great things the city has to offer.
Places to stay...
If we choose this, I would love to stay at least a couple of nights here:
This hotel is in the neighborhood of Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. I can just see Danial and I renting cruiser bicycles and pedaling around the city. I can imagine that waking up in one of their rooms must feel like you've been transported to another time and place. To me, this feeling is what honeymoons should feel like.
Or we could stay here:
Contemporary, vintage. This hotel is in lower Knob Hill area. (Any of the Joei de Vivre hotels in California would be beautiful and fun. )
Things to do:
Of course we would have to see Alcatraz:
I would love to eat lunch here. Looks to be what California living is all about:
Its pretty much a rule that you have to see a park or wild life while on vacation, this would be it for sure:
I know Danial would love to go see the Redwoods and really...can you go to this area and not see them? (Did you know this was a national monument? I didn't either. Very interesting.)
I would also love to go to the Mission District to eat dinner and perhaps check out a local band or some art work.
Also, we would have to walk down Lombard St. Its one of my favorite memories as a child watching Herbie the Love Bug and seeing the iconic car drive down the street.
I supposed we couldn't go to San Francisco without going to the famous Fisherman's Wharf: Based on the website, it looks like they have different events each week. I would love to each some fresh sea food. Mmmmmm my mouth is watering already. I guess you can tell I'm the daughter of an East Coast guy.
Palm Springs:
I was searching around a few weeks ago and came across this great bed and breakfast:

50s style bed and breakfast. They provide you with beach crusiers and of course breakfast and lunch. I'm not sure I would want to spend an entire week here, but a day or two would be fun and different. A bit of whimsy that Danial would appreciate I think. I would probably want to stay in the "Shake Rattle N Roll" room, but perhaps Dan would rather the "Route 66"? (This truthfully probably wont be an option for room and board, but I think it was cute and special to share.)
Wine Country:
Now...if you know Danial or have been in a conversation over 15 minutes you probably know that he doesn't drink, so perhaps this may not be the honeymoon we end up with, but a girl can dream. I'm not sure if there is anything to do in wine country that Danial would be interested in, but the scenary looks beautiful. I'm pretty sure I should have been born there.
Places to stay...
Danial may actually approve of this place, if only for the architecture: It is very "Frank Lloyd Wright-esque". Seeing as though the rooms are over $1000 a night and subsequently our honeymoon would be 1 day, we won't even be thinking about this one. But how beautiful??
This place would probably be more like it. That blend of modern vintage that Dan and I love. We could probably swing a night or two here, especially if we book in advance and remind them that it is a honeymoon. (Cross our fingers, right?)
Things to do...
This looks like the sort of place were guests enter as strangers and leave as friends: The restaurant features family style dining at a communal table. It looks like a wonderful place to dine. And...the have a "world famous" cream of tomato soup. I'm sure I would love it.
This winery looks like something out of a fairy tale: I'm sure Dan would hate it, but how beautiful!
Along with this estate It has been there since 1840. I'm sure the history is beautiful and Danial would appreciate this place.

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