Monday, March 29, 2010

Doggie Makeover

As promised in a post last week, I started taking photographs over the weekend with the hopes of taking at least one photo everyday for the next month.
Fergus was in desperate need of a hair cut so we took him to the great folks at Pet Smart grooming and they fixed him up!
(Before #1)
(Before #2, with Danial)
(After #1)
(After #2)
(After #3 aka "Enough Already")
Aside from the hair cut, Fergus also had a trip to the vet.  Turns out, Fergus is a tad overweight.  Surprise surprise.  We've had him on Iams Weight Control food for a while now, but I guess combining weight control and sneaking him people food doesn't really help...  A few weeks ago we stopped giving him people food, now the only bits he gets are when he is in the kitchen and picks up scraps from the floor.  So, now Fergus is officially on a doggie diet.  Have any of you had to put your dog on a doggie diet?  How did you do it and what were your results?

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have been obsessed with photography lately.  Perhaps this is because I've just started some serious wedding planning and have been trying to narrow down choices for wedding photographers (Ely Brothers, I'll be calling).  I realized today that the last two years have gone by without a whole lot of picture taking.  I was looking at our photo album on the computer and realized photographic time has been standing still.  This ends today!  I am going to try to start taking at least one picture a day for the next month to get back in the swing of things.  Come back to see my daily photos and the story of each.  (I already have today's picture planned.  Fergus gets a hair cut today and it will be sort of a doggie makeover because it has been 4 months since his last cut and he looks more like a sheep dog rather than a terrier mix.  I love him either way, but I will love my house sans the dog hair!)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today was a rough day and to combat all those horrible "bad day" feelings, I have done something good for myself and for the world (I hope you follow my reasoning because this is how I will explain it to Danial).  I purchased a pair of Vegan Toms:
I've been wanting some Toms for a while now and I thought since spring has officially sprung (along with the fact that my Chuck Taylors, which I have had since sophomore year in high school could walk around by themselves), it was the perfect time to buy new shoes.  (Sorry, that was a very long sentence.)
I can't wait to get them in the mail.  I already have about a million different outfits to wear them with, skirts, and dresses, and skinny jeans...oh my!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Have a great weekend

Danial started his new weird work schedule this week and it’s been rough. He is working 4 x 10s now at “the job” and I think he likes the idea of having three days off of work each week, but I think it will quickly wear on his sanity. He’s pretty much gone all day now, which is especially hard on Saturday. I woke up early this morning to make him sweet orange rolls:

It felt good to pack Danial’s lunch for the day and send him off to work smiling with a warm foil pack of breakfast sweets.
The plan for the day is to finish all of the laundry and start/finish some crafts that I’ve had laying around for a while. Later tonight, hopefully we will be hanging out with our friends at a local bar and then going to see Repo Men.
I stumbled upon my weekend song while purchasing the Pete Yorn and Scarlet Johansson album “The Breakup”, on I was never an iTunes person, as I have always used Creative Players for my MP3s and recently have just loaded music onto my Blackberry. Anyway, the Amazon MP3 purchase option is great; most albums are available for about $7.99. They also have indie band albums and classic albums available for $5. They also provide you free new music to try once you have downloaded two albums. Amazon’s recommendation was spot on and I’m now thinking about trying their other music.  They are called Backyard Tire Fire and they remind me of the early 90s music of my childhood.  From this song I would say their musical influences are Sister Hazel and other feelgood 90s artists.  I like it and its a great way to start of the day.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Many of our friends either have babies already or have one on the way. Because of this, I have had dreams of baby things in my head. If Danial and I have a baby boy someday (the name is already in stone) here is what our nursery would include:
A. Frames wallpaper via MySweetMuffin, B. Red Ten Speed Road Bike from hillarietasche on Etsy, C. Oeuf Plush Pirate Pillow by Inhabitat Shop, D. Lillberg Rocking chair at Ikea, E. Zigzag Rug by West Elm, F. Pod Convertible Crib by Rosenberry Rooms, G. Bookshelf Elephant Yellow by Dwell Studio,  H. Ikea 365+ Brasa Pendant Lamp, I. Stacked Blocks 4-Piece White Crib Set at Overstock, J. Sushi Mobile by beester's via Etsy

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Have a great weekend

Last night Danial and I had late night hot dogs and fries at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace, with our friends Heather and Melanie. 
(Photos courtesy of Serious Eats)
I had heard so many great things about the place so I was very excited to try it out.  I had the Pittsburg Princess and Danial tried the Jumbo Coney Dog.  Upsides: Lots of unique menu options, local beer and music, fun atmosphere, friendly wait staff, inexpensive (Our bill: $23.48 which covered two bottles of Columbus Brewing Co Pale Ale, two hotdogs, 1 order of fries, 1 order of onion rings, and 1 root beer float), they are vegan and vegetarian friendly, locally owned and operated, and awesome custom artwork inside.  Only downside: small and crowded, we had to stand under a tiny, tiny awning outside in the rain because there was no standing room inside.  (Its hard to classify this as a downside considering, it is busy and crowded because its GREAT food and atmosphere on the cheap.  I probably wouldn't have bothered standing outside unless it wasn't raining.)
Plans for the remainder of the weekend include: cleaning the house (yuck), thrifting for some cool picture frames and or shelves for jewelry storage like these ideas from Apartment Therapy or this one courtesy of Poopscape Projects
It is supposed to be a rainy weekend in Ohio (surprise surprise).  It will be a great weekend to get some cleaning and organizing done.  I plan to blast some Weezer while hanging out at the house waiting for Danial to get off work (best part of my day).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Closet Makeover

With ideas of wedding crafting dancing in my head, my latest wish is to turn the closet in our office into a craft and sewing nook. The office is small, especially when we have a large Ikea bookself and a desk in the room, so taking over the closet makes the most sense.
I found some DIY inspiration online:
Are there any closets or small areas in your home that you would like to makever?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fancy pants

Fergus lets us "sleep in" on the weekend until about 7 or 8 am and this morning was no different.  I woke up to a big wet dog nose in my face and reluctantly rolled out of bed to take him outside and pick up the paper.  I tried my hardest to go back to sleep and instead found my self in bed flipping channels on the TV.  As usual, I found myself stopping on HSN and couldn't believe my eyes.  They were selling these fancy pants:
I felt horrible for the cute young models forced to wear these ugly jeans, while at the same time I was highly impressed by the lying, I mean selling skills of the middle aged "designer" and host of the DG2 Hour.
Do you know anyone who would wear these?  If you saw someone at the grocery store wearing these would you stare?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have a great weekend

This song is the theme of my weekend.  Life is sweet and precious.  Cherish those you love and let them "realize"...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabric wedding decorations

I have discovered my next wedding project: fabric pom poms and/or fabric flower garland via OnceWed.

I would love to use the fabric pom poms in varying shades of blue and purple on the chairs of the isle that I’ll be walking down with my parents. Once the ceremony is over, we can move these into the reception tent or for cocktail hour. For the fabric garland…perhaps we can use these to rope off the seats for our immediate family members.
Also, I found an amazing online magazine for Brides, Nonpareil. The magazine has great downloads for invitations and tutorials for DIY favors and fabric boutonnieres. Its great timing, because I am really ready to get down to planning and DIY.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Songs

I’m not one of those girls who have been dreaming about her wedding day since she was five. I have however, dreamed about by wedding day since before Danial proposed to me (probably since about our third date). As soon as I heard Joshua Radin on the The Ellen Degeneres show, I knew I wanted to walk down the aisle to his song, “Today”. Danial and I have also been trying to figure out what our first dance song will be. Our song has historically been “Green Eyes” by Coldplay, which traditionally should be our first dance song right?  Perhaps we will play this song during the ceremony while our wedding party is walking in.  Everytime I hear this song I get those butterflies in my stomach again and memories of when Danial and I first started dating, flood back to me.  Its funny how music can do that to you.  After we have our first kiss and walk out, I'm thinking I want to hear either The Flamming Lips, "Do You Realize".  When we saw The Lips last summer and they played this song, I cried.  The lyrics are so powerful and I think really makes you want to savor every moment you experience because life is beautiful, but much too short.
I am in love with two other songs and I think they would be perfect for our first dance. The first song that I’m thinking about is “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. I love his raspy voice and this particular song has a soulful 60’s feel. Also, I like the idea of dancing to a song that isn't a traditional first dance song that is entirely slow and dragging.  This song is a little upbeat and the lyrics are simple and sweet.  I am also really loving Davd Gray's "The World To Me".  I really just love the lyrics to this song, although it may not be right for a first dance song...
Also, hands down we know what song we are entering the reception to.  Our "grand entrance" song will be...*insert drumroll here*...Weezer's "Buddy Holly".  Its totally fitting right?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ferguson Williard MacLeod

Fergus is our dog. He is the best dog in the world.
Enough said.
Okay, I will go on… Danial and I adopted Fergus from the Franklin County Animal Shelter 3 ½ years ago and it was the best decisions we have made to date. We went on a whim before Danial had to go to work that day, “just to look.” (Anyone who has ever been to an animal shelter knows there is no such thing as “I’m just looking.”) Fergus was the last dog we looked at and the first dog we asked to “visit” with. As soon as he got out of his cage, I think Danial was in love. The best memory I have is bending down to get to his level, he has short legs, and he barreled towards me in the hallway and knocked me over. We knew at that moment he was “our” dog. About an hour and $65 later, we were driving home with our first dog together. We were elated, like little children on the first day of summer vacation. I wish we had pictures of the both of us on this day.  Here is a picture of my feet and Fergus on his first day in our family at Schiller Park:
Fergus has brought so much joy and happiness in our lives; it’s hard to believe he hasn’t always been with us. Danial and I have made the decision to donate money to the Franklin County Animal Shelter rather than provide favors at our wedding. I know that most weddings I’ve been to, the favors are either candy or almonds, or some trinket that either makes its way to Goodwill or a white elephant sale. By donating to shelter, we will ensure that future Fergus’s find a happy and safe home.
Speaking of Fergus, look what Dan and I did for him this weekend:

The frames are from Ikea. Dan got me a package of art cards for my birthday last year and they fit in these frames perfectly. Also, we bought the place mat at Target for about $1 and the food dish was our first purchase for Fergus 3 years ago.
A quick insight to how Fergus got his name. Fergus was his name in the shelter, but Dan dubbed him with his full name: Ferguson Williard MacLeod. “Ferguson,” was decided for obvious reasons. “Williard” was chosen because the volunteer that helped us with Fergus, was named “Will.” And finally, “MacLeod”,” because when Fergus was in the shelter, he had a plaid bandana on and Dan’s first thought was “he’s Scottish”. (He does look like a huge Scottie dog.) So, Dan provided him the last name MacLeod as a tribute to Duncan MacLeod from Highlander.

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