Monday, March 29, 2010

Doggie Makeover

As promised in a post last week, I started taking photographs over the weekend with the hopes of taking at least one photo everyday for the next month.
Fergus was in desperate need of a hair cut so we took him to the great folks at Pet Smart grooming and they fixed him up!
(Before #1)
(Before #2, with Danial)
(After #1)
(After #2)
(After #3 aka "Enough Already")
Aside from the hair cut, Fergus also had a trip to the vet.  Turns out, Fergus is a tad overweight.  Surprise surprise.  We've had him on Iams Weight Control food for a while now, but I guess combining weight control and sneaking him people food doesn't really help...  A few weeks ago we stopped giving him people food, now the only bits he gets are when he is in the kitchen and picks up scraps from the floor.  So, now Fergus is officially on a doggie diet.  Have any of you had to put your dog on a doggie diet?  How did you do it and what were your results?

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