Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ferguson Williard MacLeod

Fergus is our dog. He is the best dog in the world.
Enough said.
Okay, I will go on… Danial and I adopted Fergus from the Franklin County Animal Shelter 3 ½ years ago and it was the best decisions we have made to date. We went on a whim before Danial had to go to work that day, “just to look.” (Anyone who has ever been to an animal shelter knows there is no such thing as “I’m just looking.”) Fergus was the last dog we looked at and the first dog we asked to “visit” with. As soon as he got out of his cage, I think Danial was in love. The best memory I have is bending down to get to his level, he has short legs, and he barreled towards me in the hallway and knocked me over. We knew at that moment he was “our” dog. About an hour and $65 later, we were driving home with our first dog together. We were elated, like little children on the first day of summer vacation. I wish we had pictures of the both of us on this day.  Here is a picture of my feet and Fergus on his first day in our family at Schiller Park:
Fergus has brought so much joy and happiness in our lives; it’s hard to believe he hasn’t always been with us. Danial and I have made the decision to donate money to the Franklin County Animal Shelter rather than provide favors at our wedding. I know that most weddings I’ve been to, the favors are either candy or almonds, or some trinket that either makes its way to Goodwill or a white elephant sale. By donating to shelter, we will ensure that future Fergus’s find a happy and safe home.
Speaking of Fergus, look what Dan and I did for him this weekend:

The frames are from Ikea. Dan got me a package of art cards for my birthday last year and they fit in these frames perfectly. Also, we bought the place mat at Target for about $1 and the food dish was our first purchase for Fergus 3 years ago.
A quick insight to how Fergus got his name. Fergus was his name in the shelter, but Dan dubbed him with his full name: Ferguson Williard MacLeod. “Ferguson,” was decided for obvious reasons. “Williard” was chosen because the volunteer that helped us with Fergus, was named “Will.” And finally, “MacLeod”,” because when Fergus was in the shelter, he had a plaid bandana on and Dan’s first thought was “he’s Scottish”. (He does look like a huge Scottie dog.) So, Dan provided him the last name MacLeod as a tribute to Duncan MacLeod from Highlander.

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