Saturday, March 20, 2010

Have a great weekend

Danial started his new weird work schedule this week and it’s been rough. He is working 4 x 10s now at “the job” and I think he likes the idea of having three days off of work each week, but I think it will quickly wear on his sanity. He’s pretty much gone all day now, which is especially hard on Saturday. I woke up early this morning to make him sweet orange rolls:

It felt good to pack Danial’s lunch for the day and send him off to work smiling with a warm foil pack of breakfast sweets.
The plan for the day is to finish all of the laundry and start/finish some crafts that I’ve had laying around for a while. Later tonight, hopefully we will be hanging out with our friends at a local bar and then going to see Repo Men.
I stumbled upon my weekend song while purchasing the Pete Yorn and Scarlet Johansson album “The Breakup”, on I was never an iTunes person, as I have always used Creative Players for my MP3s and recently have just loaded music onto my Blackberry. Anyway, the Amazon MP3 purchase option is great; most albums are available for about $7.99. They also have indie band albums and classic albums available for $5. They also provide you free new music to try once you have downloaded two albums. Amazon’s recommendation was spot on and I’m now thinking about trying their other music.  They are called Backyard Tire Fire and they remind me of the early 90s music of my childhood.  From this song I would say their musical influences are Sister Hazel and other feelgood 90s artists.  I like it and its a great way to start of the day.  Enjoy!

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