Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Songs

I’m not one of those girls who have been dreaming about her wedding day since she was five. I have however, dreamed about by wedding day since before Danial proposed to me (probably since about our third date). As soon as I heard Joshua Radin on the The Ellen Degeneres show, I knew I wanted to walk down the aisle to his song, “Today”. Danial and I have also been trying to figure out what our first dance song will be. Our song has historically been “Green Eyes” by Coldplay, which traditionally should be our first dance song right?  Perhaps we will play this song during the ceremony while our wedding party is walking in.  Everytime I hear this song I get those butterflies in my stomach again and memories of when Danial and I first started dating, flood back to me.  Its funny how music can do that to you.  After we have our first kiss and walk out, I'm thinking I want to hear either The Flamming Lips, "Do You Realize".  When we saw The Lips last summer and they played this song, I cried.  The lyrics are so powerful and I think really makes you want to savor every moment you experience because life is beautiful, but much too short.
I am in love with two other songs and I think they would be perfect for our first dance. The first song that I’m thinking about is “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. I love his raspy voice and this particular song has a soulful 60’s feel. Also, I like the idea of dancing to a song that isn't a traditional first dance song that is entirely slow and dragging.  This song is a little upbeat and the lyrics are simple and sweet.  I am also really loving Davd Gray's "The World To Me".  I really just love the lyrics to this song, although it may not be right for a first dance song...
Also, hands down we know what song we are entering the reception to.  Our "grand entrance" song will be...*insert drumroll here*...Weezer's "Buddy Holly".  Its totally fitting right?

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