Friday, April 30, 2010

Shutter seating display

If you haven't yet noticed, I am all about alternatives to what people traditionally see at weddings.  I really love the idea of using old windows to display seating assignments, but I also love shutters.  (Shutters would also be easier to transport.)  Last time Danial and I were antiquing, I saw a bunch of shutters just discarded with no hope to see the light of day again.  Well shutters, chin up!  There may just be up for you yet! 
Check out this inspiration:
Once the wedding is over, we could even repurpose them for picture storage like this from Hooked on Houses.
Or flip them around, like this shutter found at made 2 cREate.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The dreaded dress

I'm not one of the those girls who has dreamed about my wedding since I was five years old.  If you ask anyone close to me, while growing up I never talked about getting married and I always said I would never have kids.  As I matured and started dating seriously in college, I new marriage would be in my future; there is something about making a vow to enter into a partnership with one person that I knew I wanted.  It wasn't until I met Danial and I knew how much I wanted marriage and then after a few years of dating, I could start to picture what our children would look like.  (If you clicked on that link, I'm sorry.  Its an inside joke between Danial and I.  Welcome to the club.) 
But...seriously, until I met Danial I never thought I would want the responsibility of children in our lives, that I would never want to give up the ability to just drop everything and travel.  News flash.  We adopted a dog three years ago, which pretty much ended the ability to drop everything and travel.  A kid will be no different from having Fergus in our lives.  Well...a little more expensive and Fergus stopped crying the first few days we had him.
But...I digress. 
You can't have a wedding without a dress.  I must tell you that I really sort of hate shopping.  I mean...I like thumbing through racks and picking out pretty clothes.  Especially clothes with ruffles (I just bought flip flops with ruffles, on sale at Tar-zhay) and embellishments.  The part of shopping I hate is when you are forced to take your selections to that little hot box, they call a dressing room; that's where is all falls apart.  I am completely fearful that shopping for a wedding dress will be more of the same: a sweaty, red faced, girl in the dressing room trying to hold back tears because nothing fits.
I think I must explain this "nothing fits" scenario.  I am 5'4".  Short.  We don't have to try to soften the word by saying "petite", "diminutive", or "vertically challenged."  (PS. If you ever call me "diminutive" I might punch you in the face.)  I'm short, I've been short for 25 years, I'm used to it by now. compound the fit problem, I have what my mother, so lovingly refers to as "linebacker shoulders."  Are you kidding me?  I look like a football player/professional swimmer.  I've been asked on multiple occasions "are you wearing shoulder pads?"  But, I think the most embarassing situation with my shoulders was last year for Mother's Day, my parents, my grandma, and Danial all got pictures taken.  The photographer asked me, "can you put your shoulders down?"  Ugh.  I dread dress shopping.  I plan to go this summer either late July or August.  I figured I would start early because I know it will take some time to not only find something that fits me physically, but also fits my style.
Until then, here are some dresses I like:
1. Lace dress, open back by Jim Hjelm

2. Pin tucks and ruffles by Nicole Miller

3. Halter dress by Nicole Miller

4. Sheath by Vera Wang (I'm dreaming of course!)
5. Large Flower by Vera Wang (still dreaming)
Someone get me a TUMS!  I'm upset just looking online.  Oiy!

Window seat

What do you think about these unique ideas for table numbers and seating assignments?  Danial and I know an antique store that always has old windows.
found at The Knot

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let them eat [wedding] cake

I feel a little bit like Homer Simpson today.  "Cake Mmmmmmmmmmm"  Yes, there is drool running down my chin right now.

1. Bird and branch cake by Masse's Pastries found courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes.
2. Rows of buttercream by Sedona Wedding Cakes.
3. Simple cake on tree cake stand found at Once Wed courtesy of Craft Gossip.
4. Nothing beats tradition like a Peach Blueberry Cake found at Kitchen Parade.
5. I tpyically detest fondant, but this cake was too cute.  Found courtesy of Once Wed.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just can't get enough...

Our venue, The Taylor Mansion, is beautiful.  I really want to keep with the feeling of a garden/rustic wedding.  I hate it when people choose a venue and then try to change everything about it. With that, here are some things I want for our wedding:
1. Wild flowers for bouquets and centerpieces like these found at Peacock Feathers.
2. Flowers in antique tins like these from Martha Stewart, found via Bridal Buds.

3. Burlap tables like these found at Tatertots and Jello.
4. Signature cocktails like this Blackberry Gin Fizz found at Martha Stewart.
5. Fabric flowers.  Seriously, who doesn't love these made by EmersonMade?
6. Brides in sweaters like this beauty photographed by Cameron Ingalls found via Green Wedding Shoes.
7. Bridal shoes.  Lisa changed shoes multiple times during her wedding to Geoff.  I love these two and wish I could have been a fly on the wall at their wedding found here courtesy of Sarah Maren.  Also, because their wedding was so damn cute, more details can be found here at 100 Layer Cake.  Did I mention she made her own dress?  To further exploit her talent, Lisa's website can be found here.

Bridal brainstorming

While browsing the web, I found some more inspiration for our wedding.  I am leaning towards the rustic/garden theme since our venue, The Taylor Mansion, is a 19th century home with mature gardens.  Our ceremony will be held in front of the house and our reception under a white tent in the home's garden.

1. Doily table runner found at AshleyAnn Photography via Homegrown.

2. Still loving braids.  These are found at Ruffled via Homegrown.

3. Unexpected dresses, like Natalie's found at Jill Thomas's website via Once Wed.

4. Billy balls like these boutineers found at Once Wed.

5. Mason Jars found at Pewter + Sage.

6. Suits + Skateboards found at snippet&ink.  (I'm still trying to talk Dan into doing some skateboarding pictures for engagement or wedding day photos.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekend in Review

Danial and I met with our wedding photographers on Sunday and then we headed back to our house were Danial and Fergus got some snuggle time in:
(I love how Fergus has his tongue out in this picture)
Then we headed to The North Market for dinner.  Where I had sushi from Nida's and Danial enjoyed a yummy stromboli from Sarefino's Pizzeria
The food was the perfect end to a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon.

Wedding day guest book

I have been looking for an alternative to a traditional guest book. 
I stumbled upon this print, found via Etsy shop PaperJamPress.
I think it would be great to have this at the welcome table for guests to sign and then later frame to hang in our home.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridal brainstorming I

Danial and I met with the Ely Brothers this morning to talk with them and review wedding photography.  First off...SUPER nice guys!  I felt like a big fat jerk because my alarm didn't go off this morning and we woke up 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet them.  Not exactly the best first impression on our end, not by a long shot.  Either they didn't care we were late or they are fantastic actors and should perhaps peruse acting gigs on the side.  Almost as soon as Danial and I got in the car it was decided that we should ask them to shoot the wedding.  Done and done!  (This wedding planning stuff is EASY!)
After watching their slide show, the wedding wheels in my head starting turning.  Watch out!  Get out of the way! 
Danial and I have always known what we DON'T want at our wedding: chicken dance, garter toss, bouquet toss, unity candles, etc.  I need to starting thinking about what we DO want at our wedding.  So, until we know for sure, here are a few things I like:

1. Variety of colors in weddings.  Maybe it is because I have a hard time making decisions, but I like the idea of using 4, 5, 6 different colors in our wedding.  (The colors I want are changing on a daily basis at this point.)  I also am obsessed with pennants and garlands.  Found at Once Wed.

2. Burlap table cloths.  Enough said.
3. Unique details.  I love this dress from JCrew.  I am half tempted to order and be done with dress shopping.  Done before I even start?  How fabulous would that be?  I have emailed this dress to my mom on multiple occasions and she has not found the love.  All you need is love.

4. Guys in skinny suits.  I cannot wait to see how dreamy Danial looks on our wedding day.  I think he's handsome no matter what.  (Especially when he wakes up in the morning and his hair is crazy, or when he has been working on his car and he's covered in dirt and smells like grease and oil, or especially when he is laughing so hard that whole body shakes...*sigh*)
5. Bridal braids.  Found at ReadyMade.
6. Bridesmaid dresses that you would actually wear again.  I love how they are cohesive, yet still different.  I wish I had an excuse to have a Mexican themed wedding like this one, found at Ruffled.
7. Tattoos and mustaches.  Please don't judge.  Please try to understand my reasoning by checking out this wedding via Cup of Jo.  (Side note, after our photography meeting, Danial got in the car and said..."I need more tattoos before we get married."  Lets all cross our fingers and hope that he was being serious.  I'm ready to get more ink myself.)
8. Big-Fat-Wedding-Smooches a la Cup O Jo.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Have a great weekend

Saturday, I hate you.
I've started to hate you because of the following transgressions against me:
1) You are all about cleaning. I hate cleaning.
2) It is not football season.
3) Saturday is a day that Dan works.
4) There is nothing good on TV.
5) Yard work.
The only upside to Saturdays these days are thrifting. I am beginning to think that Thursday and Fridays must be prime drop off time at my local thrift stores because I have been very successful the last few weekends and have picked up some great pieces (I need to post more pictures).
Also…another positive today is that MUSE tickets go on sale today. You better believe that at 10 am on the dot I will be logged into Ticketmaster purchasing our tickets. Danial and I saw them about two years ago at a CD101 event for $5. It’s hard to believe that just a few years later that same $5 ticket is now $45-55. Good for them though! They are like a modern day Queen and I love them!!! The only sad thing about this purchase is that the concern isn’t until NOVEMBER. But…I guess it is a win-win because I’m excited today to buy the tickets, I will be excited when the tickets come in the mail and then the day of the concert I will excited. I guess that is a win-win-win.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding photography

Danial and I are meeting with our (potential) wedding photographers.  (Who am I kidding?  They are really the only guys we are interested in at this point and I would love to see them professionally in an exclusive relationship.)  I will update you after our meeting on Sunday.
Danial and I want great wedding photoraphy since aside from memories, these will be the only thing from our wedding that we will be able to keep for ever and ever. 
Here are some wedding photos that I am IN LOVE with!

I love these photos for a variety of reasons.  I mean..what's not to love?  The colors.  The location.  The couple.  (They are too cute for words.)  Also, I love how they are timeless and somehow modern at the same time. 
These photos have caused me to start brainstorming for engagement photo locales, dress, and cute prop ideas.  I have a few ideas: Schiller Park, Book Loft, and a tandem bike would be the cherry on top. 
What would your idea of a perfect photo shoot locale?  Where did you shoot your engagement photos? Is there something you would have done differently?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Have a great weekend

Today promises to be a very busy day.
Dan took the day off work, so we are going to lunch with our friends Courtney and Caitlyn at Tip Top Kitchen. Sweet potato French fries, here I come! Then Dan’s uncle Bill turns 60 this weekend, so we are having a family gathering to celebrate and then we are off to another gathering to celebrate our friend Lauren. Lauren recently graduated from Salon school where she has been learning to be an esthetician.
I’m total bummed because these guys were in Columbus recently and we missed them. The front man of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club reminds me of a new age Johnny Cash. I have a thing for guys in black leather. If you ever get a chance to see them, do it. Danial and I saw them a few years ago at the CD101 studios in the “Big Room.” The Big Room is great because bands come and play acoustic sets in front of a small audience. You can’t buy tickets, you can only win them. CD101 is awesome.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Crush

This morning I discovered a blog crush:
Orchid Grey.

I am especially loving this outfit from the post titled "Maybe Sparrow".
I love this outfit and hoping I can come up with my own version in the next few weeks.  More thrifting to come on Saturday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shoe love

I like to think that I'm not a typical "girly girl" in the fact that a) I don't go on afternoon shopping trips with my girlfriends, b) I can get ready in about 20 minutes (including a shower) and c) I do not have a shoe obsession. 
I would like to ammend part 'c' of reasons I'm not a "girly girl" because in the last month I have purchased three pairs of shoes.  What is happening to me?
In a previous post, I wrote about the purchase of my first pair of Toms (which I have had to exchange because at 25 years old, I apparently do know know what size shoe I wear), then I bought these cuties at Marshalls for $15!
"Regalia" by Madden Girl.
And lastly...I have been coveting the Steve Madden Roady Boots for the last couple of months.  Truthfully, I don't have an obsession with shoes.  I have an obsession with BOOTS.  Now...don't misunderstand, I don't have a hundred pairs of boots.  I have one.  Herein lies the obsession.  I am obsessed with finding the right boots.
I am only 5'4" and marrying a man whole is only 5'7"...okay, maybe 5'8" (trying to get soon-to-be-wife points).  It is hard to find boots that do not have a three or four inche heel and it is also difficult to find boots that don't fit my leg weird (again, I'm short with short legs).  Danial put up with the "Boot Search of '08" when I finally found my most favorite pair of boots.  That fall/winter I think I ordered four pairs of boots before I found the Born boots that I love.  2009 and 2010 were not so good to my boot search (a girl needs a black pair of boots too!) until today.
I had been googling the Steve Madden boots for the last week or so, reading reviews and trying to find pictures of actual people wearing the boots.  This is good for me because I have learned if I obsess about making a purchase, it is probably the right purchase to make (no post-purchase guilt). was my lucky day.  Zappos has these boots on sale AND in my size.  Of course I took this as a sign and quickly signed in to purchase these boots.
In 3-5 business days, these babies will be mine.
"I love the smell of leather boots in the morning...."

Have a great weekend

Today is Saturday.
Most people love Saturdays and while I don’t hate them, I’m not exactly in love either.
You see….Danial is at work for 10 hours today. This sucks for me and him.
I have been trying to make the best of these Saturdays by doing all the laundry and house cleaning, so that I can spend all of Sunday relaxing with Danial. But…Saturday’s have also become my thrift store days. I live in what I lovingly call, “Thrift Store Alley.” You see…there are at least 5 thrift stores within 5 miles of our house. This is good and bad. It’s good because I can find lots of goodies for cheap, the bad is that I can spend hours going through the musty and dusty aisles.
I am hoping for what our job calls “Cya Time.” Cya time is created by the devil and blessed by god. You see…”Cya Time” is when the time management folks at work realize that we aren’t busy (i.e. There are too many people waiting for people to call in), send an email and say “Cya Time”.
“Cya Time” (Pronunciation: ˈsē yuh) Definition: 1) A person may leave work early without a penalty. You may choose to use your vacation or personal time so that you can still get paid for the remainder of the day. 2) Awesome.
Once the email arrives, everyone types with fervor and hope that their email will be one of the first received and that they are granted with “Cya Time.” You can see now why my hopes are resting on this amazing thing.
Until “if or when” Danial is granted “Cya Time” I plan to do laundry and prepare for tonight’s plans. We are going to have dinner and drinks with our friends Heather and Melanie. They live in our dream neighborhood, which is filled with old house that have mature backyards, full of big trees, beautiful flowers, and wisteria. We plan to have a most vegetarian meal on the grill. I say mostly because Danial is not vegetarian and has no plans to join the ranks of the VEG anytime soon. Heather, Melanie, and I will be eating veggies and things that look like meat, but are really made from veggies, while Danial will be grilling a steak. You might say that this is a conflict of interest, but this is life. I can’t wait to sit outside next to the fire and have some good laughs.
I plan to make Alicia Silverstone’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups for desert. She has this great blog that accompanies he book by a similar name, The Kind Diet. I have wanted to read this book, but I am a skeptic about buying it. I would much rather borrow it from the library and see where it leads me. For that, I am on a huge waiting list. The good news is, her blog has been holding me over until the book arrives. The blog actually has quite a few recipes on it, which makes me even more grateful I’m not buying the book. “Why buy the book when you can get the recipes for free.” (Sounds eerily similar to something my mother used to say…)
Today’s music inspiration comes from my favorite independent radio station in Columbus, CD101. Today is the 101st day of the year (you can put that in your memory bank) and the radio station puts on CD101 Day. CD101 day is great because you get to see at least five bands for $5; what a deal! Danial and I have attended every year since we have been together (count ‘em 5 years) except this year. Danial and I weren’t big fans of any of this year’s acts. We say that now, when I’m sure in 3-4 months when they hit it big, we will be kicking ourselves for not seeing them for five clams.
CD101 is a fantastic radio station because they give independent bands with labels or not, a chance to be heard. Before I met Danial he listened to the radio station and was a big fan of the band Metric. He introduced me to them and ever since we saw them last fall (again, for $5) I have been in love. The music is upbeat and perfect for an in-house dance party that no doubt accompanies folding towels and underwear. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. But for now, enjoy this:

Friday, April 9, 2010

I just had to google it

Steve Carell and Tina Fey have been on every television show pimping their new movie, "Date Night."  I was watching them on Rachael Ray this morning and started wondering...when did Steve Carell get hair?
Danial and I only recently started watching "The Office" in the last year or so and every now and then we see episodes from Season One and "Holy Hair Batman!" What a difference!
Danial and I have had a few discussion about his hair.  Are they plugs?  Is it a wig?  Is it just the magic of TV?
Well...I googled it.
I know what you are thinking...
The jury is still out on the Steve Carell hair plugs, however during my search, I found one of the funniest blogs ever:
Going, Going, Gone! Outing Bald Celebrities
It's so wrong, it's right.
This is my guilty pleasure for the day.  Enjoy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I do yoga, but I’m not a yogi

A few weeks ago I discovered Netflix provides fitness videos. It has rocked my world.
I go to the gym, but I don’t like to go to the gym. No matter what I always feel a little out of place, like I am an imposter. I think my fat past has engrained in me this idea that I’m not a gym-goer or a fitness person. I am! I am!
Something that has helped me feel this a little more is the Crunch series of yoga videos. I am currently obsessed with this one, which combines yoga and pilates.
I love how Ellen Barrett explains all the poses and talks as if she knows I can do this. Which makes me think, “I can do this!” I also love how during the session I don’t feel like I have “worked” but the next morning my ribs are a little sore and my legs are a little weak. I am in love!
I highly recommend the Crunch videos for a start, but I have also found Yoga Journal online. It is a great resource to translate all the yoga jargon: "dolphin pose" or "extended puppy pose" or my favorite, "little piece of heaven". They also have a great encyclopedia of yoga poses and break them down based on what part of the body they are designed to flex.
Again, I have only been doing this for the last few weeks, but I can already tell that I am more flexible. I find myself feeling more relaxed and stretched. My posture has improved, which will no doubt please my mother. I think this yoga workout is a great partner to my spinning routine, which can tend to tighten the muscles rather than relax. 
Someday I'd like to be like this lady:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am in love with Chippy

Meet Chippy.
Chippy can be found at Urban Outfitters for $24.  I can't get over how cute he is.  I would buy it if I had a special place of honor for him.  A place where everyone who came to our home would see it and go, "Hmmmm that is so weird/great/cute/clever."  For now I will try to find this spot and dream of welcoming Chippy to the family.
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