Saturday, April 3, 2010

Have a great weekend

This weekend promises to be one of relaxation and closeness. 
My whole day today revolves around Danial getting off work.  Seems like my day can't really start until I'm sharing it with him.  Until he gets home I have a full day of laundry and cleaning house.  I am also headed to spinning classes to get a good sweat in before our date night. 
Tonight Danial and I are headed to our favorite spot in the city, The Short North for Gallery Hop.  We usually end up going to our favorite restaurant, Betty's.  I think we've been there so often that I have had a chance to eat every item on the menu.  (They are veggie and vegan friendly, which works out since I'm back on the VEG train.)  Once our bellies are full, we walk around the arts district and browse in local shops and look at some amazing artwork.
Since it is Easter weekend my music of choice today is the wonderful and thought provoking Matisyahu.  I hope you know who he is by now and if not, I'm sure you will be addicted after this song called "King Without a Crown":

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