Saturday, April 10, 2010

Have a great weekend

Today is Saturday.
Most people love Saturdays and while I don’t hate them, I’m not exactly in love either.
You see….Danial is at work for 10 hours today. This sucks for me and him.
I have been trying to make the best of these Saturdays by doing all the laundry and house cleaning, so that I can spend all of Sunday relaxing with Danial. But…Saturday’s have also become my thrift store days. I live in what I lovingly call, “Thrift Store Alley.” You see…there are at least 5 thrift stores within 5 miles of our house. This is good and bad. It’s good because I can find lots of goodies for cheap, the bad is that I can spend hours going through the musty and dusty aisles.
I am hoping for what our job calls “Cya Time.” Cya time is created by the devil and blessed by god. You see…”Cya Time” is when the time management folks at work realize that we aren’t busy (i.e. There are too many people waiting for people to call in), send an email and say “Cya Time”.
“Cya Time” (Pronunciation: ˈsē yuh) Definition: 1) A person may leave work early without a penalty. You may choose to use your vacation or personal time so that you can still get paid for the remainder of the day. 2) Awesome.
Once the email arrives, everyone types with fervor and hope that their email will be one of the first received and that they are granted with “Cya Time.” You can see now why my hopes are resting on this amazing thing.
Until “if or when” Danial is granted “Cya Time” I plan to do laundry and prepare for tonight’s plans. We are going to have dinner and drinks with our friends Heather and Melanie. They live in our dream neighborhood, which is filled with old house that have mature backyards, full of big trees, beautiful flowers, and wisteria. We plan to have a most vegetarian meal on the grill. I say mostly because Danial is not vegetarian and has no plans to join the ranks of the VEG anytime soon. Heather, Melanie, and I will be eating veggies and things that look like meat, but are really made from veggies, while Danial will be grilling a steak. You might say that this is a conflict of interest, but this is life. I can’t wait to sit outside next to the fire and have some good laughs.
I plan to make Alicia Silverstone’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups for desert. She has this great blog that accompanies he book by a similar name, The Kind Diet. I have wanted to read this book, but I am a skeptic about buying it. I would much rather borrow it from the library and see where it leads me. For that, I am on a huge waiting list. The good news is, her blog has been holding me over until the book arrives. The blog actually has quite a few recipes on it, which makes me even more grateful I’m not buying the book. “Why buy the book when you can get the recipes for free.” (Sounds eerily similar to something my mother used to say…)
Today’s music inspiration comes from my favorite independent radio station in Columbus, CD101. Today is the 101st day of the year (you can put that in your memory bank) and the radio station puts on CD101 Day. CD101 day is great because you get to see at least five bands for $5; what a deal! Danial and I have attended every year since we have been together (count ‘em 5 years) except this year. Danial and I weren’t big fans of any of this year’s acts. We say that now, when I’m sure in 3-4 months when they hit it big, we will be kicking ourselves for not seeing them for five clams.
CD101 is a fantastic radio station because they give independent bands with labels or not, a chance to be heard. Before I met Danial he listened to the radio station and was a big fan of the band Metric. He introduced me to them and ever since we saw them last fall (again, for $5) I have been in love. The music is upbeat and perfect for an in-house dance party that no doubt accompanies folding towels and underwear. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. But for now, enjoy this:

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