Thursday, April 8, 2010

I do yoga, but I’m not a yogi

A few weeks ago I discovered Netflix provides fitness videos. It has rocked my world.
I go to the gym, but I don’t like to go to the gym. No matter what I always feel a little out of place, like I am an imposter. I think my fat past has engrained in me this idea that I’m not a gym-goer or a fitness person. I am! I am!
Something that has helped me feel this a little more is the Crunch series of yoga videos. I am currently obsessed with this one, which combines yoga and pilates.
I love how Ellen Barrett explains all the poses and talks as if she knows I can do this. Which makes me think, “I can do this!” I also love how during the session I don’t feel like I have “worked” but the next morning my ribs are a little sore and my legs are a little weak. I am in love!
I highly recommend the Crunch videos for a start, but I have also found Yoga Journal online. It is a great resource to translate all the yoga jargon: "dolphin pose" or "extended puppy pose" or my favorite, "little piece of heaven". They also have a great encyclopedia of yoga poses and break them down based on what part of the body they are designed to flex.
Again, I have only been doing this for the last few weeks, but I can already tell that I am more flexible. I find myself feeling more relaxed and stretched. My posture has improved, which will no doubt please my mother. I think this yoga workout is a great partner to my spinning routine, which can tend to tighten the muscles rather than relax. 
Someday I'd like to be like this lady:

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  1. Yikes, it is actually quite painful for me to look at her. I heard from someone that you get in yoga what you miss if you don't sleep as deeply as you should. I love it because I just feel better after it's over :)


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