Thursday, April 29, 2010

The dreaded dress

I'm not one of the those girls who has dreamed about my wedding since I was five years old.  If you ask anyone close to me, while growing up I never talked about getting married and I always said I would never have kids.  As I matured and started dating seriously in college, I new marriage would be in my future; there is something about making a vow to enter into a partnership with one person that I knew I wanted.  It wasn't until I met Danial and I knew how much I wanted marriage and then after a few years of dating, I could start to picture what our children would look like.  (If you clicked on that link, I'm sorry.  Its an inside joke between Danial and I.  Welcome to the club.) 
But...seriously, until I met Danial I never thought I would want the responsibility of children in our lives, that I would never want to give up the ability to just drop everything and travel.  News flash.  We adopted a dog three years ago, which pretty much ended the ability to drop everything and travel.  A kid will be no different from having Fergus in our lives.  Well...a little more expensive and Fergus stopped crying the first few days we had him.
But...I digress. 
You can't have a wedding without a dress.  I must tell you that I really sort of hate shopping.  I mean...I like thumbing through racks and picking out pretty clothes.  Especially clothes with ruffles (I just bought flip flops with ruffles, on sale at Tar-zhay) and embellishments.  The part of shopping I hate is when you are forced to take your selections to that little hot box, they call a dressing room; that's where is all falls apart.  I am completely fearful that shopping for a wedding dress will be more of the same: a sweaty, red faced, girl in the dressing room trying to hold back tears because nothing fits.
I think I must explain this "nothing fits" scenario.  I am 5'4".  Short.  We don't have to try to soften the word by saying "petite", "diminutive", or "vertically challenged."  (PS. If you ever call me "diminutive" I might punch you in the face.)  I'm short, I've been short for 25 years, I'm used to it by now. compound the fit problem, I have what my mother, so lovingly refers to as "linebacker shoulders."  Are you kidding me?  I look like a football player/professional swimmer.  I've been asked on multiple occasions "are you wearing shoulder pads?"  But, I think the most embarassing situation with my shoulders was last year for Mother's Day, my parents, my grandma, and Danial all got pictures taken.  The photographer asked me, "can you put your shoulders down?"  Ugh.  I dread dress shopping.  I plan to go this summer either late July or August.  I figured I would start early because I know it will take some time to not only find something that fits me physically, but also fits my style.
Until then, here are some dresses I like:
1. Lace dress, open back by Jim Hjelm

2. Pin tucks and ruffles by Nicole Miller

3. Halter dress by Nicole Miller

4. Sheath by Vera Wang (I'm dreaming of course!)
5. Large Flower by Vera Wang (still dreaming)
Someone get me a TUMS!  I'm upset just looking online.  Oiy!

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