Thursday, April 1, 2010

World tourist

Since I purchased my 1976 Schwinn Continental last year, I have been itching for a women’s classic road bike.

(Schwinn Continental, 1976)
Well…yesterday, the Craig’s List God’s answered my prayers. I found this beauty yesterday and thanks to the gracious seller, he accepted my offer of $60 (down from $75) and now the bike is mine.
(Schwinn World Tourist)
(Schwinn World Tourist)
(Schwinn World Tourist)
It is a Schwinn World Tourist from the early ‘80s. I am still trying to narrow down an exact year, but the serial numbers for this bike are a little tough to crack. Either way, I’m entirely happy with my purchase, as it still has the original fenders, seat, and hardware. Also, the bike basket I bought last year at Paradise Garage fits perfectly on this bike.  It needs a little TLC as there is some surface rust on the handle bars, the paint is starting to chip on one fender, and there is a small hold in the seat.
Dan and I took our bikes for a spin around the neighborhood and I love the ride on this bike! It is a little wobbly as I suspect my front wheel is out of true, but that can be easily fixed. I can’t wait to ride this bike around Columbus this year. I’m still trying to tell myself that a girl DOES need two bicycles. My Continental is my “fast” bike and this Tourist will be my relaxing cruise bike. I can already see myself with a cute dress and a picnic in my basket, off for an adventure with Danial, like this lovely couple.

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