Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bridal brainstorming

Since Danial and I have decied to go with the rustic/vintage/garden wedding theme, I am dying to have bird cake toppers.  Oh, well...I should say bird "____" toppers. 
I mentioned wedding cake to Dan the other day and he said very casually, "Not cake.  Pie."  I said, "Wedding pie?" and he said, "Yes.  Apple Pie."  So...unless he changes his mind again, we are to have wedding pie.  Personally, I am holding out for wedding peach cobbler.  Either way, I like the idea of having a "topper" that can pull double duty as decor after the wedding.  I would proudly display any of the following on a pie or in my home.

1. "Our Nest" topper by danceswithclay on Etsy.
2. "Love Birds" topper by LittleVale on Etsy.  (The best part about these is that the artist will customize by carving initials and dates on the birds.)
3.  Vintage ceramic bluebirds sold by deathmachine on Etsy.
4.  "Wooden Sparrow Vase Filler" found at Pottery Barn.

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