Thursday, May 13, 2010

compuer + coffee = disaster

Good morning lovelies.
It may be a few days until you get a good quality post from me because I am the biggest clutz/moron in the world.
This morning I was searching for images on the web for a post on "summer sun" and it happened...
I sneezed.
During my sneeze I did what my mom always advised, "cover your mouth". As I covered my mouth, I hit my coffee cup which spilled over the right half of my keyboard on my laptop.
Needless to trusted Dell isn't doing so well. (Clearly the computer problems haven't affected my rhymning skills.). I am hoping that allowing it to dry out for the next couple of days will do it good. The computer itself is functioning okay (for now), however it is the keyboard that isn't so hot. My backspace key makes ] symbols, my spacebar is now a combination > and \ key. Basically, its all jacked up.
So, thank goodness for my Blackberry so I can post this.
See you on the otherside (hopefully).

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