Monday, May 10, 2010

eenie meenie minie etsy

It is spring cleaning time in my world, which also includes my saved "favorites" in Etsy.  While cleaning, I was able to rediscover some of my online treasures.  I am just waiting for an excuse to purchase for myself or as gifts.

1. Ceramic Tiki Owl Planter Vintage Design in Aqua Blue from fruitflypie.
2. Ice Cream Lollies tea towel in orange from MrPS.
3. Desk Tidy Organizer Tray - Apple Red from 26olivestreet.
4. 16oz cup detention from CircaCeramics.
5. Hand grenade soap from stinkybomb.
6. I Only Want to Be Here Print from Toxicguineapigs.
7. Petit French Industrial Pillows Series 3 from myadobecottage.


  1. The owl planter is a must have! So cute :)

  2. I was going to say the pillows are my absolute favorite but girl, I might just have to go with that owl. I L O V E it!! Oh so cute!

  3. That mug with the desk chair on it is fab...what a great gift for a teacher or teacher who is a friend.


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