Saturday, May 1, 2010

Have a great weekend

First off, I hope you all have a great weekend.  I know my usual routine usually involves thrifting (I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze it in this weekend too), but this weekend is different because it is a DIY weekend.  I am going to build a raised bed for gardening.  I know typically I share music for the weekend, but today...I am going to share a video I'm following to build the bed.  I love it because its great info, but more importantly...the dogs in the video kill me!  I can just imagine they are thinking, "SHUT UP AND JUST THROW THE FRISBEE!!!"

Aside from the DIY weekend, tonight is also Gallery Hop night.  I'm hoping Danial wants to go because I am craving a grilled cheese and tomato soup from Surly Girl Saloon.  Also, they have my favorite beer (Eliot Ness by Great Lakes) on tap.  Can't beat local beer (local still includes the same state right?).  I like drinking their beer becuase it tasted A-MAZING, but also because their delivery trucks use biodiesel and they are committed to a zero waste initiative.  It's nice to really enjoy the beer, but also feel proud to be drinking it.  Hmmmm, is it okay that I just said I'm proud to be drinking beer?


  1. Oh geez. My dad had raised beds in his back yard the first time we ever visited his new house, and I stepped in one, not knowing what it was, and he almost had a heart attack. I suppose it's really important for them to be raised and not packed earth :)

  2. grilled cheese with tomato soup is my favorite! :) yummerz


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