Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have a great weekend

It has been a while since my weekend posts.  Sorry about that, but life has been hard and hectic lately. usual, things always get better, so here I am!
I have already been thrifting for the day and $18 later I have some amazing finds!  I will post pictures later today of my goodies. 
Today it is hot in the city and I am loving it!  The unofficial start of summer is here and to celebrate, I am blaring country music all day in my house.  (Danial HATES country music and doesn't allow it when he is around.)  Honestly, I don't think any other genre of music celebrates summer like country music does and truthfully, I am from the country and I love me some steel guitar!  I will be singing the praises of dirt roads, beer, cow boy boots, and tractors until about 7:30 when Dan gets home. 
To start me favorite "Hootie", Darius Rucker:

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