Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hot Potato

I love online shopping.  The best part is that most of the time I feel fulfilled by just browsing.  Only sometimes does online shopping make me really upset and depressed.  Most of the time, I feel depressed when I browse at Three Potato Four.  I feel depressed because I can picture most of the products in my house, which makes me sad because there is no way I could single handedly buy everything on their website.  So, I continue to browse and arrange furniture and accessories in my imagination.
1. I can picture this Bus Route Number Sign above our front door.
2.  I this Deep Woods Owl wants to be on my fireplace mantle.
3.  I would like to use this Salad Dressing Display for our mail and keys.
4.  I want to buy this old drawer to hold wedding programs and tissues on our wedding welcome table.
5.  I would wire this Mascot Megaphone as a lamp in our living room.
6.  I'm dying for these golf flags in our office, above the desk.
All this browsing is just too much.  My little shopping heart can't take it anymore.

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