Monday, May 3, 2010


Danial has discovered something that makes both of us happy. 
Ladies and gentleman, please let me introduce to you, "Monday Cheap Bowling Night."  This new discovery is great becuase it allows him work on his back spin and spend time with his friends and it allows me to watch Tori and Dean without him saying "I can't believe you watch this!".  (Did I mention that Dan made me join a bowling league last summer?  I am officially a card carrying member of the United States Bowling Congress.  No joke.  They actually sent me a card!  I now own my own bowling shoes, but really have no desire to bowl anytime soon.  I hate bowling.  But more on this later.)
Tonight has made me realize we all have things that we enjoy that our significant others hate. Here is my list:
1. Dude looks like a lady. 
I love menswear trends and these Perimeter Oxfords found at Urban Outfitters remind me of Ducky.  Dan would hate these, so I continue to just wear them in my dreams. my dreams, I am 5'8" with legs for days. 
2.  I love the country. 
I am proud that I know the difference between a "crick" and a "creek".  (FYI, the above photo is a "creek" at Hocking Hills.)  Dan thinks that a "crick" is something you get when you have a pain the neck.  Silly man!  I love that I'm from the country, Dan hates it.  Everytime we drive back home, Dan silently hums the tune to Deliverance.
3.  Bold Floral.
Maybe it is becuase I watched to many old movies, specially musicals like State Fair.  But I have a soft spot for florals.  A floral dress is icing on the cake.  I'm pretty sure I want this dress from Mod Cloth to wear to a friend's Sunday afternoon wedding in July.  Dan hates floral.  Floral shirts, floral shoes, floral dresses.  He thinks they look "old".  Boo!
4.  Celtic Woman. 
I discovered them a few years ago watching PBS late night and I have been in love ever since.  I love how happy and cheerful they look.  Those rosey cheeks really get me.  They remind me of real live fairies.  Dan hates them.  He hates them all the way down to his toes.  You really want to get him, wear a floral dress AND listen to Celtic Woman!
5.  Veggie burgers.
I love healty food and recently became a vegetarian again.  When Danial and I met, I was a vegetarian and then started eating white meat for about 3 years.  I'm veggie again and he is not happy about it.  I think he misses his meat eating partner, but let me tell you...I feel so much better not eating meat again.  I would dig into this burger in a heartbeat.

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