Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recent wedding purchases

As you know, my mom and I went to Amish Country on Tuesday for her birthday.  While we were there we picked up some things for the wedding:
1.  Cake (or pie) toppers.  These were only $4.50 each purchased at Sol's in Berlin.  I love their puffed up red chests.  So cute!
2.  Also, stocked up on some Mason jars at Berlin Village Antique Mall.  While we were there, I figured out why there is such a cost difference between Mason/Ball jars.  Some of the jars have dates on them some don't.  The older the jar, the more they cost.  For instance, the antique mall had some jars that were $30 and then some (that I purchased) between $2-$4 a pop.  I still have a lot more to purchase, but we certainly have a good start!
Also, a few weeks ago, mom and I went to the Delaware Arts Festival and while in Old Delaware, I found this gem at another antique mall:
It is an old tool carrier, but I plan to use it to house tissues and mints on our welcome table at the wedding.  I am on the lookout for either an old box or egg basket to hold programs fans.

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  1. All of it fantastic and cute! And those jars are lovely!


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