Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love him, but some times....

There is no doubt in my mind that I am head over heels for Danial.  He is funny, kind, compassionate, challenging, helpful, loving, "handy", and my best friend.  Having said all that...there are a few things that he does that absolutely drive me up a wall.  I think it is important to recognize these traits because it is loving despite the bad and ugly that really makes a successful relationship.  This morning while I was making my breakfast, I remembered one of these traits....
Danial is OBSESSED with exiration dates on food stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I understand why some things (especially dairy products) have expiration dates, but things like Italian dressing, pickles, etc. I'm pretty sure these are just "soft" expiration dates.  This morning while my whole wheat english muffin toasted I realized, "He struck again!"  I wanted both Krema* peanut butter (my favorite, and its natural) and strawberry preserves on my muffin.  Peanut butter in hand I reached in the fridge and I looked and looked and looked for those damn strawberry preserves.  Then it hit me.  Danial threw them away because they were expired!  You see...he is stealthy with his expiration date obsession.  Basically if he goes to eat something and it is past its "date" he will toss it.  And no...I'm not talking 3 months past its expiration date.  If it is one day (if they had hours on the label he would follow it to the hour I'm sure) he will toss it.  I guess I like to live on the dangerous side because I don't even look at the expiration date on food (perhaps because I'm used to Danial doing this).
I know Danial's expiration date obsession is annoying, but I'm sure I will be grateful for it one of these days.  At least my parents can rest assured knowing that our future children will never eat expired food because daddy Danial is here.
Do you or your significant other have any weird obsessions?  Are you a stickler for expiration dates?

*On a side note, Krema peanut butter is made right down the road from me!  It is made right here in Columbus, OH.  You can take a tour of the joint and they even have a cafe that services PB&J sammies with a class of cold milk.   Just another reason to love Columbus.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's coming together

I got my hair cut (really just a trim) by the lovely Josh at Hotel Salon Lily last week.  We got to chat a little while he was working on my hair and it turns out that he is getting married next year at the same venue Danial and I have chosen.  Josh and his fiance has chosen to get married in early June of 2011 and when I told Josh our date in September 10, 2011...shit hit the fan.  Basically he told me I was crazy because it is going to be hot.  I was having a mini panic attack while I was sitting in that little chair.  All I wanted to do was to be in front of my laptop so I could google the Old Farmer's Almanac.  Fast forward to today....
Weatherbase tells me that the average temperature for Columbus in September is 66, average high is 77, and the highest on record is 100. 
I feel a little better after reviewing this data, but still worried that the year Danial and I choose to get married, it will be a record high year of 105 degrees in the shade. combat the possible heat, I have decided on our wedding programs.  I have always liked these fans because they are double duty items: program and entertainment.  I like the idea of doing a word search or mad lib on the back to keep people busy as they wait for the wedding to start.  I was so excited about this project that I ordered mini golf pencils from eBay last night for $4.00.  Score!
Check out Amanda's tutorial here and details about her wedding here courtesy of Intimate Weddings Blog.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding fever

It is official.  I have wedding fever (again).  It comes and goes; my emotions are like a roller coaster.  Some times I'm all gung-ho about wedding planning and other times I think, "It may be worth it to loose some of our deposit money and just elope."  Have any of you had this feeling while planning a wedding? 
I say "planning a wedding" as if I am actively making cost-impacting decisions, but in reality...all of our big spender decisions were made months ago (which take some of the fun and stress out of it).  We already have the venue (ceremony and reception in one) and photographers.  One of the big appeal factors of the venue is because they provide catering in house and also have floral and cake options on staff as well.  This is all fantastic, but it gives me a lot more time to stress about the details: dress, boutonniere, programs, centerpieces, welcome table, guestbook (or guestbook alternatives), etc. 
This all started because I lunched yesterday with one of my dearest (and longest) friends, Courtney and her little sister Caitlyn.  Courtney is great for many reasons, but one of these reasons is because she is equally as excited about my wedding as I am.  (It is hard to find friends like this, so I relish our girl and wedding talk time.)  When I went to sleep last night I had visions of mason jars, blueberry pie, and vintage doilies dancing in my head.  Here is a little bit of what I was dreaming about:
1) I am still obsessed with billy balls and I really think they will look fabulous with our puple, navy blue, teal color combo.  Danial isn't quite on board with the billy ball boutonnieres yet.  Perhaps I will just made some ahead of time and start attaching them to all of his coats, that way when the wedding is here, he will totally be used to a billy ball boutonniere.  Plus...I think a boutonniere will definitely add class to his vintage Members Only jacket.
( Fina + Nathan’s Eco-Chic Wedding via Green Wedding Shoes )
2) Lately I've been really obsessed with wedding shoes.  I think this is because I have a huge fear of being uncomfortable during our wedding and ending up with blisters at the end of the night.  Also, our venue is a little tricky with the shoe situation because I will be walking down a brick walkway to the ceremony and then the tent "floor" is also brick.  To further complicate the situation, Danial is only a couple of inches taller than me, so heels are out.  If I do purchase heels, they need to be low, no more than 2 1/2 inches tall (unless I can talk Danial into wearing lifts, which is highly unlikely).  Also, if I do purchase heels, it needs to be a semi-chunky heep or platform so I don't get stuck between bricks.  Could you imagine? 
( Boogie Woogie Heels by Seychelles available at ModCloth )
3) I recently decided when I will start shopping for a wedding dress: late August or early September of this year.  We have been engaged since late 2008 so in regards to wedding planning we have always had the idea, "Oh we have PLENTY of time!"  Well...that time is quickly ticking away.  I don't know what I want in my wedding dress, but I know what I don't want.  The "NO" list is as follows: pickups, beeding, sparkles, spaghetti straps, ball gowns, super-long trains, mermaid styles, anything too "romantic", and sweetheart necklines.  It is hard to pinpoint exactly what sort of "look" I am going for on the day.  Basically I want a classic, vintage, modern, timeless look.  Wow...I jsut realized I am a woman full on contradictions.  But...that's what I want, so I guess it will just take some time to find it.
( Alfred Angelo Style 2054 at Alfred Angelo via Universe Bridal where I will be shopping )
4) Danial and I are having just a few attendants each (no more than 3-4 each), just our dearest friends and family members standing with us.  I like the idea of this because I have seen weddings with 7-10 attendants each and honestly...I don't want to have to keep track of that many people.  Also....when you think about attendant gifts, that type of bridal party gets a little bit out of control.  I already know what I am going to do for my girls for gifts: custom clutches for the day (plus they can use it after).  I figured I will fill them with day of necessities like Burts Bees Chapstick, fans, bobby pins, and mini-bottles of Makers Mark. For the guys we thought about gifting a tie (skinny of course!) and/or sneakers (Danial is still trying to decide if he is going to wear dress shoes or classic Vans for the day).
( Custom clutches available for order from Mollusa on Etsy.  All American Tie from Urban Outfitters )

All of this wedding talk has me all "lovey-dovey" so to honor that feeling and the fact that I am headed to COMFEST in a few hours, here is my musical tribute for the weekend: "Love is My Religion" by Ziggy Marley

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I should hate, but don't

Lately I have discovered some things I should hate, but don't.. 1) Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart
As a rule, I don't go to Walmart.  Kelly Cutrone's daughter, Eva, and I share the same sentiment about Walmart.  If you don't know what I am talking about, click here.  Also...while I am talking about it, I love Kel on Earth and I hope it comes back in the fall.)
Anyway, I found these fabulous sunglasses at Wal-Mart.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but they are black, with purple on the inside.  I like them because they keep you guessing.  Speaking of cheapo, they were only $4!  I was a little embarassed to tell Danial that they were "Miley Cyrus" sunglasses, but honestly, he wouldn't have known who Max Azria was so there was no point in mentioning the best part of the duo.
2) "California Girls" by Katy Perry
Honestly, I've never said this before, but I actually try to hate Katy Perry.  I know this must sound weird, but...she is like a pop princess and this is not really my thing.  However, there are some upsides to Katy.  They are as follows: A) She is engaged to the hilarious and sexy Russell Brand (I like boys who look a little dirty), B) She has helped bring the curvy, pin-up girl back, C) I like people who don't take themselves too seriously (honestly, I think she knows she is a gimic and is just cashing in), D) Snoop Dogg is in her California Girls video.
So...I'm not on the "Katy Train" (pun intended) and I will still try to hate her from here on out (and secretly love her fiance), but I cannot help hum along to this song when I hear it.
3) Huarache Sandals
Well...part of me says that I should hate Huarache sandals because they remind me of my grandma, but another part of me wants to love them because they remind me of my grandma.  (See: granny chic)  Whenever I see them online I find myself coveting them.  I am hoping that I can find a pair of multi-color sandals at the thirft store in the next few weeks.  See my inspiration below:

Photos in order: Castaway Vintage via Chictopia, AE Huarache Sandal $24.95, Jessica Szohr via The Look 4 Less, Ecote Leather Huarache at Urbanoutfitters.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Impressions

Dan and I bought our house in March of 2008 and since we've moved in, we haven't done anything to the outisde of our house.  (Honestly we are probably "those people" in our neighborhood.)  Just to clarify, our house and/or yard isn't dilapidated or run down by any means, it just doesn't have the WOW FACTOR. out nosey neighbors, "those people" have found some motivation!
In a few weeks Danial and I will be installing some landscape bricks similar to these (but in grey).  In addition to these new bricks, we are actually going to plant something in our yard.  I say "something" because I'm not really a flower person.  I'm not a flower person because I usually kill them right away and I'd rather be known as "those people" rather than "the flower killer". 
I am also planning, during our WOW FACTOR INSTALLATION, to paint our front door.  Danial is not on board with this plan.  FYI our house is a one-story ranch with black shutters on our front windows and a black door.
(Minimal Influence house, decoatred for Autumn 2008)
For the record, we no longer have those cheap Ikea chairs (we do have them, just not on our front porch).  Instead we have some adirondack chairs, an outdoor rug, and a green table.  Those tiny little bushes we planted aren't much bigger now.  They will probably be going to the little dirt patch in the sky soon.
Anyway, back to my inspiration.  I want to paint my front door YELLOW.  See inspiration below and then tell me if I'm crazy, because Danial thinks I am.
1) Before and After, from Apartment Therapy.  The front door here started off rose pink, then they painted the shutters black and front door yellow.
2) Simply Yellow found at Herman's Aluminum.
3) Martha knows best.  (Perhaps this will be my argument with Danial), Real Simple.
4) 3 Yellow doors, from Apartment Therapy.
Would it be wrong to paint the door while Dan is at work?  SURPRISE!  Hmm...maybe not.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denim Picnic Blanket

Thank goodness for Ready Made email fairies.  Every week I get the email and think "Holy DIY!"
Today's email makes me want to head straight to the thrift store to buy supplies. 
Behold: Denim Picnic Blanket
(Photo: Ready Made)
I'm wondering if I could whip this up before Friday?  Mom and I are going to Waterfire on Friday evening. 
What is Waterfire you ask?  Well...basically it is an ongoing art exhibit in Columbus (and other places I believe).  They have these huge discs permanently installed in the Scioto River.  They have different performing artists play during the fire exhibit and this week it is the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.  I'm excited to pack a picnic basket and having a musical evening with my mom.  (A relaxing evening before my beloved COMFEST.)
Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yippie for Hippies!

This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year: COMFEST WEEKEND!! 
Let me explain.
COMFEST = Community Festival.
In live in (well...My zip code is not techinically Columbus, but I can walk across the city line and be in the city, so I still consider it my "community".  Plus...I lived on the OSU campus for 4 years, so I consider Columbus MY city.  Doesn't hurt that Danial has lived in Columbus is whole life, so it is considered my community by association, as well.)
Comfest has all the best things of summer:  hippies, sweat, cold beer, live music, "fair food", and picnic blankets.  Also, I love COMFEST because there is so much information available.  Everything from how to recycle, the benefits of breast feeding, and vegan/vegetarian/raw foods.  Also, the organizers of COMFEST promote riding bikes to the festival.  In part because there is NO PARKING available around the park, also because it is so obviously "green".  Danial and I volunteered last year at the "bike corral" which is basically valet parking for bicycles.  It was excellent.  The pro as well is that you volunteer for 4 hours and earn COMFEST tokens, which you can cash in for food and beer.  Basically, you do good and good things come back at you.  Gotta' love that!
I explain how "ready" I am for the festival this weekend, I have taken Friday off work (gotta' rest up) and I have my COMFEST mug on the kitchen counter, ready to go.  The only thing that would  make more ready is some of these goodies from the web:
1) Garden Blanket Tube Dress; Ruche $34.99
2) Poison Dart Top; LuLu's $28.00
3) AE Boyfit Denim Bermuda Shorts; AE $39.50

4) Deux Lux Messenger Backpack; Urbanoutfitters $68
5) Laramie sandals by Miss Sixy; Piperlime $140

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poopy Wednesday

I was taking Fergus out this morning and I heard a rustling in our tree.  The rustling must have been a constipated bird because....A BIRD POOPED ON ME!
Two thoughts in my head:
1) Today is going to be "shitty"
2) I hope that bird poop really is lucky like they say.
If it is lucky, perhaps I should invest in this pin (available at Supermandolin)
Stay tuned for tomorrow.  I will be introducing "Thrifty Thursday" where I will show you my favorite thrift store finds from weeks prior.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have a great weekend

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.  So far, mine has been great.  I went thrifting with my mom this morning and got some AMAZING finds (including something for Dan)!  I promise to start posting these thrifting finds starting tomorrow.  I have found some great deals and it is a shame not to share these. 
After doing the "flight of the bumblebee", I am now off to the grocery store to get the fixin's for the One Last Hurrah dinner.
In honor of Weezer playing the Ohio State Fair (yes, Danial and I am going), here is my week's favorite song:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinner for four and a bun in the oven

Two of our dearest friends, David and Ashly, are coming over Saturday evening for a night of dinner and Wii.

Ashly, Dylan, and David

We are calling this the "One Last Hurrah Dinner" because Ashly is set to deliver their second baby boy, Grayson, next week. Their first son, Dylan will be at his grandparents’ for the night, which means we can play Mario Kart Racing on the Wii until our eyes go crossed.
While I am excited that they are coming over I am nervous because I am a vegetarian and no one else in this circle is. It is hard to find a good recipe to prepare that will satisfy the meat and the non-meat eaters. I found this recipe online for Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and I’m thinking that it is a winner. I can already see it laid out on my table accompanied with a fresh green salad and Martha’s lemon green beans.
Do you have any go-to meals that you prepare when you are having guests? Do you have to overcome special diets or allergies with friends? How do you cope?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

145 days to go!

It is officially 145 days until HALLOWEEN! 
And you probably thought it was some countdown to a wedding related event. Silly readers.  FYI, it is now officially 459 days until the wedding.
Seriously, back to the important stuff.  Halloween.
Danial and I are pretty into Halloween.  Our friends have an annual party and we usually go all out.  Here are some pictures from years past:
This was us for Halloween 2009.  I found an actual cheerleading costume from Dan's middle school for $15 at a thrift store.  Dan was one of the scary guys from The Strangers.  (Danial is so kick-ass that he even sewed his own mask and I helped him dye it with coffee and tea.  What a team!)
These lovely ladies are our friends Heather (Travelocity Gnome) and Melanie (Flo).  I am showing their picture because they easily would have won a costume contest last year (if we had one).
A few years ago we were low on $$ for Halloween and we came up with these costumes.  I was a Playboy Bunny (original, I know).  My costume was pretty cheap because it was an incomplete costume, so I got it for half off (It was originally supposed to be a cigarette girl costume).  And Danial (and his twin brother, David pictured above) were geeks.  Costumes purchased from the thrift store, except the Members Only jacket and checkered Vans, which appear in Danial's everyday rotation.
This last one was one of our first Halloweens together and the only time we have had matching costumes.  If you couldn't already guess it, we are Danny and Sandy from Grease.  My outfit was complete with skin-tight black pants and sky high red shoes.  I loved this costume because it got tons of laughs. that we have had a great run down memory lane, we can focus on what is going to happen in 145 days.  Yes, folks:  Halloween 2010!  Throughout the year Danial and I will say to each other "Man, that would make a great Halloween costume."  This conversation usually starts as I am nursing my Halloween Hangover.  Well...I think I have found THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME:
Okay, now...please tell me if you have seen anything better than this?  All I am trying to do now is to figure out how to make the actual costume. 
Have you seen anything this year that has made you say, "Man, that would make a great Halloween costume?"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bag Lady

As noted before, I am not your typicaly "girly girl", this is evident with how often I purchase new purses/bags.  It has been at least 12 month since I made my last purse purchase (the $0.99 straw clutch I got at the Thirftstore last weekend doesn't count).  The last purchase I made was a Roxy bag (styled like this, but it is a Kelly green color) that I have been carrying almost every day since I bought it.  Needless to say, it needs retired.  I have been looking for bags to replace my current favorite.  I have a few requirements for a purse:  1) Multi-function, 2) Big, but not too big, 3) Day-to-Night, 4) Can easily ride a bike with said bag.  Here are some of my top picks:
1.  Roxy Melody Rucksack, $54.99
I like the fact that I can wear it as a crossbody and as a bookbag style.  I think this would be perfect for concert season and especially for bike riding.  I'm not so sure how I'd feel about carrying this one everyday, but defintely a contenda'.
It is easy to see why I love this one; it is exactly like the bag I have only better.  I love the mustard yellow color and also, because it comes from Sundance, I know it is a great quality leather.
What isn't to love?  The color alone is fantastic and screams SUMMER!  Also, I'm sure once I had it in my hands it would feel like butta'
4.  Milo Crossbody, $118
I like the color and the fact that it is on the small side, which means it will be great for riding bikes (also means Dan can't unload his cell phone and keys on me).  The downside of this bag is that it is undecidedly a "day" bag. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

I need some ideas

I bought these lovely Minnetonka moccasins on eBay for $15.50 a few weeks ago.
I have only worn them once because I have no idea what to wear with them. I bought them because of the moccasins from this post and also because I thougth they would be perfect summer festival and concert shoes.  Do you guys have any ideas what to wear them with? 


This weekend was jam packed!  We did the following this weekend (which for us, started on Friday):
-18 mile bike ride
-birthday drinks with our friends at The Worst Bar
-lunch and errands with my mom
-quality time with Dan's grandma
-6 hours worth of Volkswagen fixin' (Dan's cousin just bought a VW like this and it needed a new clutch and flywheel, etc.  Lots of TLC basically and since Dan and his twin brother both own the same make and model of VW GTI, Dan stepped up to help.)
-2nd birthday party for our good friend's son, Dylan
-pizza with the Valentine's and their 3 lovely daughters
-thrifting (lots of good deals, see below)
-Get Him to the Greek (Yes, I still love Russell Brand)

I have to share one of my thirft store purchases from Friday.  Danial and I checked out a new thrift store down the street and I found a Linen constellations strapless dress from J. Crew, which originally retailed at $158 and I snaggeed for $3.99!!!! 
It fits perfectly and has the most beautiful pattern.  I am planning to wear this to a friend's July 11th wedding.  Now, I just need to snag the perfect gold sandals (I like what is in the picture) and some gold accessories.  I'm thinking about trying to find a skinny gold belt to wear around my waist as well.  I am so excited!  Also, found while thrifting: a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt (blue) for Dan, $1.99; Volcom polo shirt (purple), $1.99; Elle denim a-line skirt, $3.99.  I may make a trip again today, since I have the day off (again) and I still need some more shorts for summer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So...I've been a little distant lately. Let me explain. (I figure if you can't open in the blogosphere, where can you?) My parents are getting divorced. No, no, no...My last name is not Gore. My dad has decided that after nearly 30 years of marriage (this anniversary would have been November 8 this year), that he has "grown apart" from my mom and he left her last month. It has been weird and difficult for me and I didn't expect it. At nearly 26 years old, I thought I could handle this, it wouldn't be weird or strange, just different. is weird and strange and about a million other things. I think that maybe I am find it hard mostly because Danial and I are planning our wedding and it is supposed to be a really happy time for us, but I'm just finding it difficult to get back into planning mode. Also, I worry about both of my parents when, should it be the other way around? It is hard to believe that they could be happier alone than they were together. *sigh*
How does this happen? Do you think it is possible to stay together after 30 years together? How do some couples grow together and some grow apart? What do you think it takes to stay together?
These are just some of the questions that I have been asking myself the last month and I think, at least for me, I have found some answers.
I think that our parent's generation doesn't communicate like we do. I never heard my parents talk about "feelings" or talk about how to avoid conflict in the future. I am never afraid to tell Dan my feelings and about how something he said made me feel or about an argument really upset me. On the flip-side, I also love to tell him when we are doing something or just cuddling and overwhelming happiness pours over me. It’s the good and the bad that make a relationship; it is how we react to that that matters. 
On a lighter and more random note…
I was listening to BBC Radio on my way home from work last night and heard the most amazing story. There are six people who have volunteered for a simulated trip to Mars. Now...this may not seem so amazing at first, but when you find out that the volunteers will be in an isolated complex for a total of 540 days.  Talk about distance!  At this point in my life, I think I would like a little distance, but I'm not sure I could stand to be in a small, confined space with total strangers for over a year and half. 
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