Wednesday, June 9, 2010

145 days to go!

It is officially 145 days until HALLOWEEN! 
And you probably thought it was some countdown to a wedding related event. Silly readers.  FYI, it is now officially 459 days until the wedding.
Seriously, back to the important stuff.  Halloween.
Danial and I are pretty into Halloween.  Our friends have an annual party and we usually go all out.  Here are some pictures from years past:
This was us for Halloween 2009.  I found an actual cheerleading costume from Dan's middle school for $15 at a thrift store.  Dan was one of the scary guys from The Strangers.  (Danial is so kick-ass that he even sewed his own mask and I helped him dye it with coffee and tea.  What a team!)
These lovely ladies are our friends Heather (Travelocity Gnome) and Melanie (Flo).  I am showing their picture because they easily would have won a costume contest last year (if we had one).
A few years ago we were low on $$ for Halloween and we came up with these costumes.  I was a Playboy Bunny (original, I know).  My costume was pretty cheap because it was an incomplete costume, so I got it for half off (It was originally supposed to be a cigarette girl costume).  And Danial (and his twin brother, David pictured above) were geeks.  Costumes purchased from the thrift store, except the Members Only jacket and checkered Vans, which appear in Danial's everyday rotation.
This last one was one of our first Halloweens together and the only time we have had matching costumes.  If you couldn't already guess it, we are Danny and Sandy from Grease.  My outfit was complete with skin-tight black pants and sky high red shoes.  I loved this costume because it got tons of laughs. that we have had a great run down memory lane, we can focus on what is going to happen in 145 days.  Yes, folks:  Halloween 2010!  Throughout the year Danial and I will say to each other "Man, that would make a great Halloween costume."  This conversation usually starts as I am nursing my Halloween Hangover.  Well...I think I have found THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME:
Okay, now...please tell me if you have seen anything better than this?  All I am trying to do now is to figure out how to make the actual costume. 
Have you seen anything this year that has made you say, "Man, that would make a great Halloween costume?"

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  1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    We do the same thing- "that would be an awesome costume." My favorite? Alan from The Hangover. How awesome would it be to see some dude with a full-on beard, aviators, and a fake baby strapped to his chest singing "we're the three best friends that anyone could have!"???

    Still convincing Josh to be Captain Hook (he does a great Dustin Hoffman Hook impression), but he really doesn't like Halloween. The things he does for his lady... haha!

    p.s. LOVE the gnome and Flo costume. Genius.


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