Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bag Lady

As noted before, I am not your typicaly "girly girl", this is evident with how often I purchase new purses/bags.  It has been at least 12 month since I made my last purse purchase (the $0.99 straw clutch I got at the Thirftstore last weekend doesn't count).  The last purchase I made was a Roxy bag (styled like this, but it is a Kelly green color) that I have been carrying almost every day since I bought it.  Needless to say, it needs retired.  I have been looking for bags to replace my current favorite.  I have a few requirements for a purse:  1) Multi-function, 2) Big, but not too big, 3) Day-to-Night, 4) Can easily ride a bike with said bag.  Here are some of my top picks:
1.  Roxy Melody Rucksack, $54.99
I like the fact that I can wear it as a crossbody and as a bookbag style.  I think this would be perfect for concert season and especially for bike riding.  I'm not so sure how I'd feel about carrying this one everyday, but defintely a contenda'.
It is easy to see why I love this one; it is exactly like the bag I have only better.  I love the mustard yellow color and also, because it comes from Sundance, I know it is a great quality leather.
What isn't to love?  The color alone is fantastic and screams SUMMER!  Also, I'm sure once I had it in my hands it would feel like butta'
4.  Milo Crossbody, $118
I like the color and the fact that it is on the small side, which means it will be great for riding bikes (also means Dan can't unload his cell phone and keys on me).  The downside of this bag is that it is undecidedly a "day" bag. 


  1. I am the same way.... I rarely buy new bags. I wear those puppies out before I even consider buying a new one.

    That turquoise one is pretty damn cute!

  2. I adore the second one. And for a leather bag it's pretty affordable.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. I've no problem buying clothes but with purses/bags, it's a whole other different story. It's just so difficult to find one that you can fall in love with completely.

    Hope you find the perfect one for you:)



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