Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend was jam packed!  We did the following this weekend (which for us, started on Friday):
-18 mile bike ride
-birthday drinks with our friends at The Worst Bar
-lunch and errands with my mom
-quality time with Dan's grandma
-6 hours worth of Volkswagen fixin' (Dan's cousin just bought a VW like this and it needed a new clutch and flywheel, etc.  Lots of TLC basically and since Dan and his twin brother both own the same make and model of VW GTI, Dan stepped up to help.)
-2nd birthday party for our good friend's son, Dylan
-pizza with the Valentine's and their 3 lovely daughters
-thrifting (lots of good deals, see below)
-Get Him to the Greek (Yes, I still love Russell Brand)

I have to share one of my thirft store purchases from Friday.  Danial and I checked out a new thrift store down the street and I found a Linen constellations strapless dress from J. Crew, which originally retailed at $158 and I snaggeed for $3.99!!!! 
It fits perfectly and has the most beautiful pattern.  I am planning to wear this to a friend's July 11th wedding.  Now, I just need to snag the perfect gold sandals (I like what is in the picture) and some gold accessories.  I'm thinking about trying to find a skinny gold belt to wear around my waist as well.  I am so excited!  Also, found while thrifting: a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt (blue) for Dan, $1.99; Volcom polo shirt (purple), $1.99; Elle denim a-line skirt, $3.99.  I may make a trip again today, since I have the day off (again) and I still need some more shorts for summer.


  1. Wow great steal. And you seem to have a fantastic/busy/fun week coming up!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Oooooooh! Pretty!

    Kayla's right- Those are not just deals, they're steals! Wowzerz.

  3. Thanks ladies! Thrifting has become my new obsession. It is not only great to get clothing on the cheap, but also a reminder about how wasterful our society is. Instead of running out and buying something new, these days I just check the thrift store. Usually I can find something NEW at the thrift store! :-)


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