Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinner for four and a bun in the oven

Two of our dearest friends, David and Ashly, are coming over Saturday evening for a night of dinner and Wii.

Ashly, Dylan, and David

We are calling this the "One Last Hurrah Dinner" because Ashly is set to deliver their second baby boy, Grayson, next week. Their first son, Dylan will be at his grandparents’ for the night, which means we can play Mario Kart Racing on the Wii until our eyes go crossed.
While I am excited that they are coming over I am nervous because I am a vegetarian and no one else in this circle is. It is hard to find a good recipe to prepare that will satisfy the meat and the non-meat eaters. I found this recipe online for Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and I’m thinking that it is a winner. I can already see it laid out on my table accompanied with a fresh green salad and Martha’s lemon green beans.
Do you have any go-to meals that you prepare when you are having guests? Do you have to overcome special diets or allergies with friends? How do you cope?


  1. Good question. We don't entertain much, but when we go to dinner parties I always bring a bean salad. I use a can of chick peas, red beans, black beans, white onion, cilantro, EVOO, salt, pepper, lemon juice. Everyone usually likes it.

    And I love it because it's so easy to throw together!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. I do a little thing called DINE OUT since I'm such a bad cook. Or at least I think I am?

  3. Angie, this sound so good! I am planning to make this for one of the million 4th of July cookouts we are going to.


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