Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love him, but some times....

There is no doubt in my mind that I am head over heels for Danial.  He is funny, kind, compassionate, challenging, helpful, loving, "handy", and my best friend.  Having said all that...there are a few things that he does that absolutely drive me up a wall.  I think it is important to recognize these traits because it is loving despite the bad and ugly that really makes a successful relationship.  This morning while I was making my breakfast, I remembered one of these traits....
Danial is OBSESSED with exiration dates on food stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I understand why some things (especially dairy products) have expiration dates, but things like Italian dressing, pickles, etc. I'm pretty sure these are just "soft" expiration dates.  This morning while my whole wheat english muffin toasted I realized, "He struck again!"  I wanted both Krema* peanut butter (my favorite, and its natural) and strawberry preserves on my muffin.  Peanut butter in hand I reached in the fridge and I looked and looked and looked for those damn strawberry preserves.  Then it hit me.  Danial threw them away because they were expired!  You see...he is stealthy with his expiration date obsession.  Basically if he goes to eat something and it is past its "date" he will toss it.  And no...I'm not talking 3 months past its expiration date.  If it is one day (if they had hours on the label he would follow it to the hour I'm sure) he will toss it.  I guess I like to live on the dangerous side because I don't even look at the expiration date on food (perhaps because I'm used to Danial doing this).
I know Danial's expiration date obsession is annoying, but I'm sure I will be grateful for it one of these days.  At least my parents can rest assured knowing that our future children will never eat expired food because daddy Danial is here.
Do you or your significant other have any weird obsessions?  Are you a stickler for expiration dates?

*On a side note, Krema peanut butter is made right down the road from me!  It is made right here in Columbus, OH.  You can take a tour of the joint and they even have a cafe that services PB&J sammies with a class of cold milk.   Just another reason to love Columbus.

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  1. Josh does the same thing! Except he won't throw them away without telling me, but we'll spend a good 15 minutes or not smelling it, shoving it in each other's faces saying "See! No mold!" or "Told ya it smelled like ass!" Haha! Love this post, Lindsay. Love it.

    Josh sing-talks. All the time. "la la la... I'm washing dishes." or "yum yum.. this pasta's good!" Sometimes it's cute and other times
    it's like, honey... I get it. You're wiping your ass.... jk.

    He HATES it when I whistle. I whistle when I'm happy and I whistle while I work. (HAHA!) I make up my own tunes and go with it and it
    makes him batty.


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