Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's coming together

I got my hair cut (really just a trim) by the lovely Josh at Hotel Salon Lily last week.  We got to chat a little while he was working on my hair and it turns out that he is getting married next year at the same venue Danial and I have chosen.  Josh and his fiance has chosen to get married in early June of 2011 and when I told Josh our date in September 10, 2011...shit hit the fan.  Basically he told me I was crazy because it is going to be hot.  I was having a mini panic attack while I was sitting in that little chair.  All I wanted to do was to be in front of my laptop so I could google the Old Farmer's Almanac.  Fast forward to today....
Weatherbase tells me that the average temperature for Columbus in September is 66, average high is 77, and the highest on record is 100. 
I feel a little better after reviewing this data, but still worried that the year Danial and I choose to get married, it will be a record high year of 105 degrees in the shade.  So...to combat the possible heat, I have decided on our wedding programs.  I have always liked these fans because they are double duty items: program and entertainment.  I like the idea of doing a word search or mad lib on the back to keep people busy as they wait for the wedding to start.  I was so excited about this project that I ordered mini golf pencils from eBay last night for $4.00.  Score!
Check out Amanda's tutorial here and details about her wedding here courtesy of Intimate Weddings Blog.


  1. What a great idea! Your hair stylist shouldn't have gotten you so worked up!

  2. Ew, really? Love the name, Josh, but hate the attitude. Don't bash the wedding of someone who is supposed to tip you...

    In fact, don't wedding bash anyone. (Ok, guilty as charged. I remember the ponies I bashed. But that wasn't even a real wedding.) Even when I don't like a wedding, I understand and respect the choices made by the bride and groom. I see the love and the reasons why. Don't listen to Joshie... but go back for the hair cuts, for sure. :)

    Lovin' those fans, Lindsay!


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