Monday, June 21, 2010

Yippie for Hippies!

This weekend is my favorite weekend of the year: COMFEST WEEKEND!! 
Let me explain.
COMFEST = Community Festival.
In live in (well...My zip code is not techinically Columbus, but I can walk across the city line and be in the city, so I still consider it my "community".  Plus...I lived on the OSU campus for 4 years, so I consider Columbus MY city.  Doesn't hurt that Danial has lived in Columbus is whole life, so it is considered my community by association, as well.)
Comfest has all the best things of summer:  hippies, sweat, cold beer, live music, "fair food", and picnic blankets.  Also, I love COMFEST because there is so much information available.  Everything from how to recycle, the benefits of breast feeding, and vegan/vegetarian/raw foods.  Also, the organizers of COMFEST promote riding bikes to the festival.  In part because there is NO PARKING available around the park, also because it is so obviously "green".  Danial and I volunteered last year at the "bike corral" which is basically valet parking for bicycles.  It was excellent.  The pro as well is that you volunteer for 4 hours and earn COMFEST tokens, which you can cash in for food and beer.  Basically, you do good and good things come back at you.  Gotta' love that!
I explain how "ready" I am for the festival this weekend, I have taken Friday off work (gotta' rest up) and I have my COMFEST mug on the kitchen counter, ready to go.  The only thing that would  make more ready is some of these goodies from the web:
1) Garden Blanket Tube Dress; Ruche $34.99
2) Poison Dart Top; LuLu's $28.00
3) AE Boyfit Denim Bermuda Shorts; AE $39.50

4) Deux Lux Messenger Backpack; Urbanoutfitters $68
5) Laramie sandals by Miss Sixy; Piperlime $140


  1. LOVE THESE! I gotta get those shorts! Love how all your finds are right up in my price range, except the sandals... cute, but I don't have 140 doll hairs :(

    And I wish there was a COMFEST in Baltimore!

  2. Angie, I totally agree with the shoes. Every girl deserves a splurge item! :-) Also, I have a secret for shoes. I find some that I really like and then I scour the internet for them cheaper -- Zappos, Overstock, etc. Also: is awesome because you can find coupon codes for multiple stores.


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