Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have a great weekend

So...there has been a change around here.  I didn't really mean to change my layout but after I was done playing around, Blogger wouldn't let me go back to classic and then edit it the same ol' way. I guess it was time for a change, but I'm still not 100% happy with how it looks.  I am going to apologize up front because I will probably be changing things up until I'm happy.
Today has been a lazy day, which honestly, after how I have been feeling the past few weeks, is just fine.  I've been working crazy overtime the last few weeks and it felt insanely good to sleep in and then do things on my own time.  I went to the dreaded Walmart to get shampoo and other necessities like flea deterrent.  Poor Fergus has fleas folks!  I'm not sure how he got them, but he is miserable and I feel so bad for him.  We've only see a few (thank God!) but he is itching like crazy.  (Reminds me of a character from A Scanner Darkly.)  We had a leftover flea collar from last year, I had it on him for less than 12 hours and he broke out in this crazy rash across his chest.  I felt like a horrible doggie mom.  I got some new stuff that didn't scare me as much as the flea collar warnings did.  (Does anyone know of any natural flea deterrents aside from garlic?)
After the Walmart trip I went to Marshalls to try to find a shirt to match this skirt ($8 a few weeks ago at Kohls).  I didn't have any luck with the shirt (I still don't know what I want), but I did get a sign about the wedding while I was there.  I heard both "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne and "You're The World to Me" by David Gray while shopping.  These are my top two first dance songs (Dan is still on the fence).  As soon as I heard them I sent Dan a text message to tell him.  After the failed trip to Marshalls, I stopped at the thrift store where I got a really cute top and two pairs of jeans for a total less than $20.  Tonight Danial and I are headed to dinner with our friends.

The Summer Doldrums

Lately I have felt like I am back in college, but without all the fun (and beer)…

• Danial and I haven’t been to the grocery store in more than three weeks (except for staple items like milk, bread, and cookies).
• We have been watching movies via Netflix like no other. For the record, Boondock Saints II wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was and Death at a Funeral (UK version) wasn’t as good as everyone said it was.
• I have run out of clean underwear and have been commando for the last week.
• We have been lounging around the house doing nothing (including blogging).

The upsides of this college-like lifestyle:
• I have lost 2 lbs in the last week because I have been living on coffee and PB&J
• The only money spent has been for gas to get to work
• Danial and I have had a chance to spend lots of time together

I am not sure if I have the summer doldrums but I’m just not feelin’ it. Perhaps it is because the weather is turning cooler and Mother Nature is letting us know fall is around the corner. Our tree in the front yard has already started sprouting plump green berries, which in the following weeks will turn to blood red. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn, but I am not ready for it. I feel like we haven’t done enough this summer. I just want to scream, “Don’t Go!” at the top of my lungs and hope that nature listens.
Then again, this feeling could all be blamed on the fact that my fall classes at school start in September and I am not looking forward to it. I am entirely grateful that I only have five more classes until graduation for my second bachelor’s degree, but school means more stress and more time away from things that I want to do.
Has anyone else out there been in a funk? Perhaps dinner out with my man, on a patio somewhere (perhaps Tip Top Kitchen) will make me feel better. Couldn’t hurt to try.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have a great weekend

Today is the battle of what you want to do and what you have to do.
Today I would much rather stay home and organize my life, I mean, my house.  I feel like I am about to be swallowed up every time I go in there, which is why I've been living out of laundry baskets for the last few weeks.   Also, I want to make a trip to the thrift store to try to find some funky curtains for the office (more on this later) and perhaps a new sundress for the picnic with the pops tonight.  That is what I want to do to.
What I have to do and what will probably happen is the following: run to Target to pick up life's neccessities (TP), grocery store to make food for tonight's picnic, and then Danial wants me to go to a Volkswagen get together with him this afternoon.  (Basically lots of people who on VW get together to eat and talk shop.  Not really my cup of tea, but I like to call this, "Taking one for the team."  Plus, this means that he'll go to see Eat, Love, Pray with me.)
Call me crazy, but I am going to try to squeeze everything in today.
Everytime this songs comes on the radio I can't help but smile.  (They are coming to Columbus soon and I hope I get to go.)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Woe$

Danial and I suck at saving money. 
We always WANT to save money, but it is a combination of the unexpected or the desire to actually enjoy the life we work so hard to make that gets in our way.
About every two months Danial has some type of unexpected car problem (more rants about VW's to come) and lately there have been too many invitations for parties/bars/concerts to turn down.  I mean...what is the point of working so hard to survive if you can't enjoy what your money can buy?
Well....we have to start buckling down because our wedding is nearly 1 year away and it is crunch time folks!  I don't think I realized when we signed up to this thing (wedding thing) that it would be so hard to do on our own.  (We are paying for the majority of the wedding, my mom will help pitch in, but this will even be harder now since my parents are getting divorced.)
I have developed a list of things to do for the next year to allow us to save money each month (we have already promised ourselves that income tax return and spring work bonuses will go directly towards our wedding funds).
1) Eat out only once per month. 
2) Limit booze/bars to special occassions and parties (Okay, this rule is for me since Danial does not drink.  Drinking out at bars gets expensive and while I am on this dress diet, curbing my booze will help that goal as well.)
3) Pay ourselves first.  On payday we are going to deposit money into our savings accounts before we do anything else with that money.  Thank you Suze Orman.
4) Spending Smart: Use cash instead of our debit cards, avoid the sale racks, never go to Target without a list, and stay off my favorite store websites.  I watched the below video this morning from the Today show and it really hit home for me. 

5) Limit movie theatre dates and use our Netflix more.
6) Work OVERTIME whenever work is offering it.  (Danial and I are lucky to work for the same company and our company is thriving. In these times I think it is important to take advantage of overtime opportunities when they are available because in a few months the OT could be gone.)
7) Explain our money savings to our friends.  Our problem with saving money in the past has been we find it really hard to say "No" to invitations to do things like bars, concerts, movies, and nights out to eat.  I think our first step to success will be to explain to our friends that our wedding is next year and it is now or never time for saving money.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carry On Wayward Son

This weekend my mom and I are headed to Picnic with the Pops, special guest: Kansas.  I am excited to relax under the stars and listen to music that was popular before I was born.  The idea of picnicing has me all giddy for these goodies:
1) Somerset Basket Service for 2, Target $149.99

2) The skipper's girl boater hat, Ruche $16.99
3) Kimchi Blue Full Circle Dress, Urban Outfitters $48
 4) Floral T-strap sandals, GAP $24.99

I am also planning to try my hand at Emeril's Muffuletta Sandwich and perhaps a Three Bean Salad.

Monday, July 19, 2010


It is no secret that I am addicted to all sorts of reality television shows.  I think my true addiction started when Danial and I were house hunting I would watch all sorts of home shows: My First Place, Moving Up, Flip This House, and just about any other show on HGTV. 
As a rule, Danial HATE HATE HATES any sort of television based in reality.  Doesn't matter what it is, he hates it.  Cake Boss.  Hates it.  Bridezilla.  Hates it.  (By the way, did anyone catch the "Where are they now?" episode.  I only caught part of it and I really want to know what happened with that crazy couple from my home state of Ohio.)  I have however talked him into watching two shows with me on the regular.  While I'm not sure if h e likes them, he tolerates them for me and truthfully, isn't that what love is all about? 
My personal favorite, Flipping Out, starts season 4 August 10 and I am so excited.  I know, I know.  I seriously can't get enough of Jeff Lewis and his hilarious assistant Jenni.  They are a little disfunctional family and I love them!
My new favorite show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys is airing now on Planet Green. 
I love this show for too many reasons to mention.  One of the reasons I love this show is because it shows a great couple who have love and respect for each other and have been in a long lasting, committed relationship (don't see that too often on reality TV); and THEY ARE GAY!  It follows Josh and Brent through the treacherous road of managing a farm and life in the city, trying to run their business, Beekman 1802, and struggling with with big topics like gay marriage.  I was sitting alone on my couch crying buckets of tears watching them host a fabulous wedding at their farm and watching them struggle with the fact that their wedding should have been the first at the farm.  (Seriously, good stuff in this show folks!)  And honestly, it is just hilarious watching two city boys try to manage a farm; including everything from bathing a lama, making soap & cheese, and scooping manure (plus cameos by Martha Stewart). 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love Zach Galifianakis (And Happy Weekend)

This morning was a little disappointing as I woke up about 3 hours later than I had planned.  I was so cozy this morning in bed with our fat dog and my man that I just couldn't drag myself out.  Until of course Fergus whacked me in the head with his large tail repeatedly because he had to go O-U-T.  (Danial and I are parents in training.  We have to spell things like O-U-T and T-R-E-A-T and G-O because he recognizes all of these.)
No big plans for the day except cleaning and then trying to tackle our office.  The office in our house has become a dumping ground.  Anything that doesn't have a dedicated spot somewhere else in the house gets thrown in the office.  I have junk shoved in bookshelves, on our desk*, in the closet, and of course all over the floor.  It is an utter disaster!  My plan is to get it organized and make the closet into a second desk area for crafting and wedding stuff.  This way I can have the actual desk for school work; classes start again in September!  
*Danial and I bought it at a thrift store for $20 when we first started dating.  It was a Target desk and was donated to the local Goodwill because there was a big "crunch" in the box.  (Crunch = dented, busted up cardboard box.)  Danial and I took our chances with said box and once we got it to his apartment, we realized there was NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!  I think this moment cemented my love with thrifted goods.  Later we saw the desk at target for $150.  Score!
Do you have a junk room/drawer/closet in your place?  If not, how do you keep your life so organized? 
This morning I was perusing YouTube for my weekend music list and guess what I stumbled upon...ZACH GALIFIANAKIS is in a movie with quirky, stud muffin Robert Downey Jr.  My jaw hit the floor and I instantly made Danial stop getting ready for work to watch the trailer for "Due Date" with me:

If you haven't watched Galifianakis' comedy special, log into Netflix right now and watch it or put it in your queue.  He is hilarious and I'm sure if he new me, we would be friends.  (Plus I sort of want to rub his little beer belly stomach.  I am convinced that he is a strange type of buddha and instead of good fortune, he will bring me booze and hilarity for life.)
Since I got off to a late start, I am going to be a tornado of cleaning and organizing.  This means Fergus will be avoiding me all day by laying on his dog bed (that I made for him).  I am also planning to make the pillows for our front porch facelift and will document for a how-to later this week/end.  Until then, enjoy my band of the moment: Deluka.  They remind me of a mix of my favorite '80s and '90s bands; perfect for singing along to and getting stuck in your head.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have officially lost the war of the yellow door.  But fear not dear readers!  I think I may have him worn down and maybe, just maybe he'll agree to a red door.  Operation "Facelift" starts in approximately 3 weeks and I am getting stoked!  See my inspiration and to-do's below:
1) Red Door, inspiration photo from SimplicityBegins'.
The color used above is Benjamin Moore Heritage Red and as soon as Danial gives me the okay I am headed to the paint store!  And after lots of googling I also found some interesting history about red doors.  A red door in many countries and cultures symbolizes prosperity and another meaning (my favorite) is tht the owners of the home are welcoming.  (Click the links for the source and for more information.)
2) Terracotta Pot Planter & House Number, courtesy of Curbly
I love the idea of using bright colors (red of course) perhaps yellow and green.  (We have a table just like this one, but in Kelly Green from World Market.)  Instead of our house number I think I will paint a large D on the bottom pot since it will be my new initial in the next year!
3) Floral Pillows, World Market
I may purchase the above pillows, but I have a set of placemats I purchased for a $1.49 each at Steinmart a few months back.  They are a bright floral pattern and I planned to make pillows out of them (tutorial to follow this weekend).  I may just use these outside depending on how I think the fabric will hold up.
4) Outdoor rug, Pottery Barn
We have an outdoor rug now in a black scroll pattern but when all the color that will be happening, we need something with a POP!  Of course I'm not buying the PB rug as we are real people on a budget.  I'm sure I can hit up the local Home Goods store and find a similar one.
5) New lights for the garage, Home Depot (Hampton Bay Lantern and Hampton Bay Rustic)
The lights that are currently on either side of the garage are stock "neighborhood lights".  We live in a cookie-cutter developed neighborhood and every house has the same lights.  I hate hate hate the lights on the house and cannot wait to replace them with one of these cuties!

Are you planning any home makeovers or DIY/DIT projects?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding weekend

On Sunday we went to watch our friends Kevin + Julie marry.  It was a beautiful ceremony and Julie was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  It was magical to watch her walk down the isle and Kevin looked absolutely blown away by her beauty.  It was a night of celebration, family, and friends. 
Dan's twin brother David and his girlfriend Jackie, after the ceremony
Me and Danial, after the ceremony
(I realize now that I look back at these photos that The dress would have been better with heels and I need a little gold belt to cinch the waist.  I look a little "sack" like in this dress.)
Cocktail hour (45 minutes) was outside, in the back of the property.  It was an absolutely beautiful venue (I should have take more pictures of the house) but it was HOT HOT HOT during cocktails.  I had a Julie-tini and it was fabulous!
Danial and I working on our tans during the cocktail hour.  (Notice my Miley Cyrus sunglasses.)
The centerpiece at our table.  The hydrangeas were beautiful and my favorite were these little droopy moss things (does anyone know what they are?).  Notice my Julie-tini, it really was delicious.  Rather than having traditional favors, the couple chose various charities to donate funds too.  Each table was named after a charity; ours was Haiti Animal Relief.  In addition to the donations, each place setting had bracelts with the name of the charity and the charity website. 
This is the best picture I have of Julie's dress (my other pictues were obscured by people's heads and shadows were horrible in the tent).  It was a gold/ivory color blend with tulle underneath.  I'm glad I caught a picture of the beautiful jewels on the side of the dress.  During the ceremony she wore a birdcage veil just over her eyes.  My favorite part of the picture is how Kevin is looking at her.  BEAUTIFUL IN LOVE!!!

Like Angie,  over at One Cat Per Person, attending a wedding over the weekend has me really excited for my own wedding.  Angie's is right around the corner, while mine is over a year away.  I can't wait to see pictures from Angie's big day. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Panic Attack

Some of our dearest friends, Matt and Ashley, are expecting their first child in early October.  We are all excited for baby Xavier to get here.  I am especially excited to see if baby X looks like his mama or papa. 
We got an invitation in the mail last week to their baby shower bbq.  I was super excited because it is a couples event.  No offense to all the baby showers I have attended in the past, but I am NOT a fan of old fashioned baby shower games and pastel baby shower decorations.  I am excited to attend this potluck bbq with my honey.  However...something has thrown a big wrench in this whole shower business.  There is an option for swimming. 
Enter panic attack.
I realized I have not purchased a bathing suit in four years.  Okay, let me beat you to the punch.  "That is ridiculous!"  Yes, yes it is folks.  I think it has been at least 3-4 years since I've been in a bathing suit (not including my sporty one piece I wear at the gym pool) and even then, it was a suit that was probably 4 sizes too big.  I hate shopping for swim suits like any other woman, but it is especially hard to find suits for me because I am cursed with a long torso. This means not only is there a limited selection, but I usually have to pay more money for my suits.  This panic attack has lead me straight to the internet in search of a new suit.  Here is the competition.
1) Shirred One-Piece Retro-Style Control Swimsuit Dress, ShapeFX
2) Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Black, ModCloth
3) Firm control x-back one-piece, Victoria's Secret
4) Classic Sheath One Piece: Black Cherry, My Baby Jo
5) Merona® Women's Bandeau Shirred One-Piece, Good Ol' Target

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Do you ever wake up and think, “Really?!”
Today was one of these days for me.
Last night Danial and I went bowling with our dear friends Heather and Melanie and then for drinks later at Red Brick Inn. As usual we had a great time together talking, laughing, and drinking. The happy hangout lasted well into the night and I am paying for it this morning. I’m just a little hung-over and really tired as our heads didn’t hit the pillow until at least 1:30 am this morning. It doesn’t help that my to-do list for the day seems to keep piling up. Did I mention that we are also on a time crunch for the day? Yes folks, we have a wedding to go to and time is ticking down and as of 9:12 am this morning Danial still doesn’t know what he is going to wear to the wedding. (This is mostly because Danial is still sleeping, but also because last night he had no clue. So, unless he has been dreaming about slacks, shirt & tie combos, he probably still doesn’t know.)
Despite all that we have to do before this wedding (clean my vehicle, iron my clothes, find Dan clothes, buy a wedding gift and card, etc), I decided to take some time out for myself this morning. This “Lindsay Time” included making pancakes, drinking coffee, and watching a documentary.
I love making pancakes. Pancakes are probably a close second to my favorite breakfast food: the omelet. I love all sorts of pancakes but my top three are blueberry pancakes, whole wheat banana almond, and Trader Joe’s pumpkin mix. As a rule, I never order pancakes while out at restaurants because they just don’t do it like it like it. Seriously, I’m a little obsessed with how particular I am about my pancakes.
I can remember my dad teaching me how to make pancakes when I was a “tween”. I remember paying close attention as he told me how to know if they are ready to flip, “Just look for the bubbles.” I still hear this when I am standing over my skillet, spatula in hand. “Look for the bubbles. Look for the bubbles.” (I think I turn into Rain Man while in the kitchen.) In addition to the “bubble” talk, some of my fondest childhood memories include my grandma fixing me pancakes in her cast iron skillet. I’m not sure if it is the skillet or years of practice but my grandma’s pancakes are AWESOME! She always made silver dollar pancakes (which is how I make mine) and the edges were slightly crispy and the pancake was the perfect consistency; not too thick and not too thin. I have almost mastered the art of grandma’s pancakes as my pancakes have a little bit of a crispy edge. After this morning I really think that part of the secret lies in the skillet. (I will now be on the lookout for a cast iron skillet at the thrift store.)
I mentioned that I also watched a documentary and it was fantastic! “No Impact Man” is a film which follows Collin Beavan and his family as they go a year with making NO IMPACT on the Earth. They made their changes in stages and one of the hardest things to watch was the food/drink phase where they started eating only local foods and Collin’s wife had her last Starbucks. She was standing in the streets of New York City with her to-go cup in hand and was nearly moved to tears as she uttered the words, “my last espresso.” It hit me like a ton of bricks: “Could I do that?” Clearly when/if Danial and I have children I will need to give up my daily coffee crutch, but could I voluntarily give up coffee just to do it? I don’t think so. I think that aside from the great experiment of making no impact on the Earth, the best part of the film is the relationship between Collin and his wife. It was fantastic to watch their lives and their intense conversations that were able to be captured on screen. It was amazing to see how their lives were impacted by the challenge, how it was made stronger (nothing makes marriage stronger than washing laundry in the shower) and how living without every day luxuries creates tension and resentment. All in all it was a great documentary because it opened your eyes to little changes you can make in your life like using cloth diapers or eating local foods. The film also opened by eyes about relationships, about how often we turn to electronics rather than to each other. It made me really think about our future children and about how I don’t want them to be addicted to the television or video games. I want our kids to play with wooden toys, I want them to enjoy eating fresh vegetables, and how to catch lightning bugs in jars, and know that they need to be home by dark, rather than being told to turn off the video games. I want them to know what it is to appreciate what you have and to not always want the next best thing. If you like documentaries, I highly recommend this one and if you use Netflix it is available for instant streaming (I watched it through our Xbox).
Now that I have used up nearly an hour and a half of Lindsay breakfast and blogging time, I am now off to find the ShopVac and Windex to clean my car. Here is my cleaning tip for the day: Use coffee filters to clean your glass. This is a trick I learned in college when I was a hostess at a restaurant. It works great because you don’t get any leftover lint from paper towels.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

I've met my match

We have another set of friends getting married this weekend.  (On a side is so awkward to see people who got engaged after you getting married before you!) 
You know what weddings mean:  celebration, tissues, dancing, food, drinks, kissing, friends, and most importantly....WEDDING CLOTHES!
I am wearing my $3.99 thrift store dress (no worries folks, it is J.Crew) and some cute gold sandals I bought at Old Navy.  Do you know what is really upsetting?  Spening more on shoes than you did on the actual dress!
I know what you are thinking.
"What is Danial wearing?"
Well folks, when you find out could you let me know?
In general it is hard to find clothes to fit me, as discussed earlier, but I have met my fashion match folks. 
Danial is extremely hard to please.  He has a definite point of view and is a man that knows what he likes.  On top of being extremely picky, it is hard to find clothes to fit him.  He is about 135 and 5'7"ish; rought a 30x30.  Well, after last night I'm beginning to think that in Columbus, Ohio it is nearly impossible to find clothes appropriate for a wedding for my dearest man.  (Also...we were trying to stay under a budget, which doesn't help.  I'm sure that we could walk into J.Crew or Banana Republic and walk out about $300 down in the bank for one outfit for Dan.  For us though, it doesn't make sense to drop that kind of mooluah on stuff like that mostly becuase we only get snazzy for weddings and really special occasions.)
Last night we went to Target (they actually have some really cute dress pants and shirts for guys) but Dan didn't find anything he liked.  We also went to Kohls and spent about an hour searching around the mens department and came up nearly empty handed.  Danial did find some Vans jeans he liked, but you can't wear jeans to a wedding now can you?  (Well...maybe to some weddings, but not this one.) 
After all the time spent we ended up buying the jeans and I found a cute skirt and shirt (both for $8 a piece) and called it a night. We were so depressed that we went home and ate ice cream on the couch.
Do you have such a hard time shopping for yourself or your mate?  Do you have a favorite store where you can always find something you like?

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Jonesin'

Danial doesn't drink alcohol.  Not only because he gets really drunk (because he doesn't drink and when he does, it doesn't take much), but also because he doesn't want to be addicted to anything.  (Did I already tell you how much I love this man?)
I am planning to make custom Jones soda bottles for Danial for the day of our wedding.  His favorite is a toss up between root beer and cream soda.  (Personally, I like a little root beer and some vanilla vodka.  My favorite bar, Betty's makes these and they call them, "Betty Beers".)  I think he will appreciate having his favorite soda on the big day, especially something that is custom and just not some fountain drinks. 
I'm still trying to figure out what picture to put on his bottles:
1) Ferguson
2) Dan (In his "My Name is Earl Years")
3) Dan skating
4) Me and Dan  (This is typical of all of our pictures. I'm all excited about a picture. Dan is thinking, "Ugh. Really?!")
What would you put on your soda bottles? 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have a great weekend

Just a quick post because I am on FIRE this morning. 
It is only 9:30 am here and I have already folded about 4 loads of laundry, have another 2 loads of laundry going.  Also, have already make some kick-ass pasta salad for tonight's festivities.  All of this because I have had two cups of coffee and am headed back to the coffee pot once this is finished.  I still have to run to the store to pick up some stuff for cupcakes and paper products for the picnic.  
Tonight we are headed out for some picnicing (with veggie hot dogs) and fireworks with our friends.  I promise to take pictures tonight so I can share tomorrow.  Until then, I leave with a band that I wish I could be a part of.  They remind me of gypsies and I'm sure they would be great picnic companions: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and "Home"

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dress diet

It has recently hit me that our wedding is around the corner.  Well...not right around the corner, but considering that Danial and I have been engaged since November 2008, it feels like FINALLY I can start wedding planning.  So, really the wedding is right around the bend.  Or more like down this road about 3 1/2 miles, take the right fork in the road and then go three dirt driveways and it will be on your left.
My mom is really excited to go dress shopping, while I am more nervous and scared about this process.  My mom and I have decided that because it might take me a while to find a dress (she knows me too well) that we should start soon.  I am going on my first (hopefully) my last bridal dress experience in late August.  This whole time I've been thinking that I have all this time to get back into prime physical shape and now with the wedding down the dirt road, I realized it's time to shape up if I don't want to end up a big ball of tears in a dressing room.
Let's be honest folks...I'm not sure I have never been in "prime physical shape" for the regular person, but for me I look my best when I'm working out about 5 days a week and eating a fully vegetarian meal.  I was overweight most of my life and in college I lost about 50-60 pounds and struggled with an eating disorder.  All that is in my past and up until about 9 months ago I was obsessed with spinning and general gym stuff, but then life sort of happened and it was a little too difficult to manage work, school, and working out.  Excuses aside, I'm getting back in the workout game folks!  I plan to start hitting the gym this weekend and I have been back on the veggie wagon now for about 2 months.  My goal is just to tone up and hopefully lose between 5-10 pounds.  A while ago I had a body epiphany and realized it is not so much what I look like (my Michelle Obama arms don't hurt), it is really more about what my body can do! I had decided to take on this new plan last week and then I received the below "challenge" last week from my company's Health and Wellness department in an email:

Take The 7 C's Challenge!! Now through Labor Day (68 days)!!

You have a tremendous opportunity ahead of you this summer!! It's up to you to accept the challenge!! For many of us, it is easy to accomplish something for one day only. Avoiding tobacco or junk food one day, for example, are somewhat easier tasks to accomplish. This 68-day challenge is meant to challenge you to avoid the 7 C's for the rest of the summer!!
Challenge yourself to avoid the following for 68 days:
1. Candy
2. Cookies
3. Cola
4. Chocolate
5. Cake
6. Chips
....and 7. NO COMPLAINING!!

You can complain about anything else but candy, cookies, cola, chocolate, cake or chips. Anyone can do something for one day. The greatest people do what it takes every day. Learn for yourself the thrill of taking on a difficult goal and reaching it!! It will not be easy but it is possible if you take it one day at a time.
So, my first thought was, "This is a 'C' challenge, which means I can still have Beer and Whiskey!"  I think I am going to take this challenge on and see how far I get.  I'm betting probably not too far since I am making cupcakes tomorrow to take to 4th of July Fireworks (more on that tomorrow). 
Have you ever taken on a food challenge (or in the case a lack of food challenge)?  Want to join me?  Am I crazy?
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