Friday, July 2, 2010

Dress diet

It has recently hit me that our wedding is around the corner.  Well...not right around the corner, but considering that Danial and I have been engaged since November 2008, it feels like FINALLY I can start wedding planning.  So, really the wedding is right around the bend.  Or more like down this road about 3 1/2 miles, take the right fork in the road and then go three dirt driveways and it will be on your left.
My mom is really excited to go dress shopping, while I am more nervous and scared about this process.  My mom and I have decided that because it might take me a while to find a dress (she knows me too well) that we should start soon.  I am going on my first (hopefully) my last bridal dress experience in late August.  This whole time I've been thinking that I have all this time to get back into prime physical shape and now with the wedding down the dirt road, I realized it's time to shape up if I don't want to end up a big ball of tears in a dressing room.
Let's be honest folks...I'm not sure I have never been in "prime physical shape" for the regular person, but for me I look my best when I'm working out about 5 days a week and eating a fully vegetarian meal.  I was overweight most of my life and in college I lost about 50-60 pounds and struggled with an eating disorder.  All that is in my past and up until about 9 months ago I was obsessed with spinning and general gym stuff, but then life sort of happened and it was a little too difficult to manage work, school, and working out.  Excuses aside, I'm getting back in the workout game folks!  I plan to start hitting the gym this weekend and I have been back on the veggie wagon now for about 2 months.  My goal is just to tone up and hopefully lose between 5-10 pounds.  A while ago I had a body epiphany and realized it is not so much what I look like (my Michelle Obama arms don't hurt), it is really more about what my body can do! I had decided to take on this new plan last week and then I received the below "challenge" last week from my company's Health and Wellness department in an email:

Take The 7 C's Challenge!! Now through Labor Day (68 days)!!

You have a tremendous opportunity ahead of you this summer!! It's up to you to accept the challenge!! For many of us, it is easy to accomplish something for one day only. Avoiding tobacco or junk food one day, for example, are somewhat easier tasks to accomplish. This 68-day challenge is meant to challenge you to avoid the 7 C's for the rest of the summer!!
Challenge yourself to avoid the following for 68 days:
1. Candy
2. Cookies
3. Cola
4. Chocolate
5. Cake
6. Chips
....and 7. NO COMPLAINING!!

You can complain about anything else but candy, cookies, cola, chocolate, cake or chips. Anyone can do something for one day. The greatest people do what it takes every day. Learn for yourself the thrill of taking on a difficult goal and reaching it!! It will not be easy but it is possible if you take it one day at a time.
So, my first thought was, "This is a 'C' challenge, which means I can still have Beer and Whiskey!"  I think I am going to take this challenge on and see how far I get.  I'm betting probably not too far since I am making cupcakes tomorrow to take to 4th of July Fireworks (more on that tomorrow). 
Have you ever taken on a food challenge (or in the case a lack of food challenge)?  Want to join me?  Am I crazy?


  1. good luck!! im not joining you!

  2. yes, good luck...and I'm not joining you either! :P

  3. Hmmm.... so beer and whiskey still allowed? I'm down! Haha!

    I actually like idea of challenging yourself to Labor Day. It's a nice goal- foreseeable, attainable and manageable. Nice job, Lindsay!

    And I think it's good that you're aware of yourself, habits and your body. I think most people (like me) should be like that. And it's good to be realistic. I always tell myself I will never be a size 2, but I can be a size 10. I'll be happy with that. I have 43 days until W-day, so I don't think a siz 10 is attainable, but that doesn't mean I can't start making little changes to get on that track.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Yeah...I think I was a little too ambitioius when I took on this challenege. I had to toss the rest of a package of Devil's Food Cookies to avoid eating them. On the upside, Pizza and Beer were fair game at dinner last night. Seriously though, I think this challenge will be good be basically the "no-no" foods are snack foods and I can easily grab an apple rather than a bag of chips. :-)
    Thanks for the encouragement all!

  5. I'm good with all of those, except CHOCOLATE!

    xx Cristina

  6. I love the idea...but I would fail miserably. Maybe I can modify it to be "The 7 C's 5 Days Per Week"?


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