Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have officially lost the war of the yellow door.  But fear not dear readers!  I think I may have him worn down and maybe, just maybe he'll agree to a red door.  Operation "Facelift" starts in approximately 3 weeks and I am getting stoked!  See my inspiration and to-do's below:
1) Red Door, inspiration photo from SimplicityBegins'.
The color used above is Benjamin Moore Heritage Red and as soon as Danial gives me the okay I am headed to the paint store!  And after lots of googling I also found some interesting history about red doors.  A red door in many countries and cultures symbolizes prosperity and another meaning (my favorite) is tht the owners of the home are welcoming.  (Click the links for the source and for more information.)
2) Terracotta Pot Planter & House Number, courtesy of Curbly
I love the idea of using bright colors (red of course) perhaps yellow and green.  (We have a table just like this one, but in Kelly Green from World Market.)  Instead of our house number I think I will paint a large D on the bottom pot since it will be my new initial in the next year!
3) Floral Pillows, World Market
I may purchase the above pillows, but I have a set of placemats I purchased for a $1.49 each at Steinmart a few months back.  They are a bright floral pattern and I planned to make pillows out of them (tutorial to follow this weekend).  I may just use these outside depending on how I think the fabric will hold up.
4) Outdoor rug, Pottery Barn
We have an outdoor rug now in a black scroll pattern but when all the color that will be happening, we need something with a POP!  Of course I'm not buying the PB rug as we are real people on a budget.  I'm sure I can hit up the local Home Goods store and find a similar one.
5) New lights for the garage, Home Depot (Hampton Bay Lantern and Hampton Bay Rustic)
The lights that are currently on either side of the garage are stock "neighborhood lights".  We live in a cookie-cutter developed neighborhood and every house has the same lights.  I hate hate hate the lights on the house and cannot wait to replace them with one of these cuties!

Are you planning any home makeovers or DIY/DIT projects?


  1. Fabulous taste! Eclectic, colorful, and inviting. Those pillows are sooooo much fun. I am a huge advocate of DIY projects, and while the pace of my life doesn't currently allow much time for it, I'm looking forward to the day when it does!


  2. I wish I was planning a homemakeover!

    p.s. Have you seen Meghan's grellow door at We Ski Slow? All may not be lost on the yellow door.

  3. Okay, okay...I was so down with the yellow door. Howevah, I'm also loving the red. And I just love the terracotta pots with the house number...I think I need to get me some pots.

    I always have renovations on my mind. I'm thinking a new backyard, since ours is tiny and has an old small deck. It needs an update.


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