Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love Zach Galifianakis (And Happy Weekend)

This morning was a little disappointing as I woke up about 3 hours later than I had planned.  I was so cozy this morning in bed with our fat dog and my man that I just couldn't drag myself out.  Until of course Fergus whacked me in the head with his large tail repeatedly because he had to go O-U-T.  (Danial and I are parents in training.  We have to spell things like O-U-T and T-R-E-A-T and G-O because he recognizes all of these.)
No big plans for the day except cleaning and then trying to tackle our office.  The office in our house has become a dumping ground.  Anything that doesn't have a dedicated spot somewhere else in the house gets thrown in the office.  I have junk shoved in bookshelves, on our desk*, in the closet, and of course all over the floor.  It is an utter disaster!  My plan is to get it organized and make the closet into a second desk area for crafting and wedding stuff.  This way I can have the actual desk for school work; classes start again in September!  
*Danial and I bought it at a thrift store for $20 when we first started dating.  It was a Target desk and was donated to the local Goodwill because there was a big "crunch" in the box.  (Crunch = dented, busted up cardboard box.)  Danial and I took our chances with said box and once we got it to his apartment, we realized there was NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!  I think this moment cemented my love with thrifted goods.  Later we saw the desk at target for $150.  Score!
Do you have a junk room/drawer/closet in your place?  If not, how do you keep your life so organized? 
This morning I was perusing YouTube for my weekend music list and guess what I stumbled upon...ZACH GALIFIANAKIS is in a movie with quirky, stud muffin Robert Downey Jr.  My jaw hit the floor and I instantly made Danial stop getting ready for work to watch the trailer for "Due Date" with me:

If you haven't watched Galifianakis' comedy special, log into Netflix right now and watch it or put it in your queue.  He is hilarious and I'm sure if he new me, we would be friends.  (Plus I sort of want to rub his little beer belly stomach.  I am convinced that he is a strange type of buddha and instead of good fortune, he will bring me booze and hilarity for life.)
Since I got off to a late start, I am going to be a tornado of cleaning and organizing.  This means Fergus will be avoiding me all day by laying on his dog bed (that I made for him).  I am also planning to make the pillows for our front porch facelift and will document for a how-to later this week/end.  Until then, enjoy my band of the moment: Deluka.  They remind me of a mix of my favorite '80s and '90s bands; perfect for singing along to and getting stuck in your head.

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  1. oh my god, that freaking dog in the trailer, so freaking cute!


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