Friday, July 9, 2010

I've met my match

We have another set of friends getting married this weekend.  (On a side is so awkward to see people who got engaged after you getting married before you!) 
You know what weddings mean:  celebration, tissues, dancing, food, drinks, kissing, friends, and most importantly....WEDDING CLOTHES!
I am wearing my $3.99 thrift store dress (no worries folks, it is J.Crew) and some cute gold sandals I bought at Old Navy.  Do you know what is really upsetting?  Spening more on shoes than you did on the actual dress!
I know what you are thinking.
"What is Danial wearing?"
Well folks, when you find out could you let me know?
In general it is hard to find clothes to fit me, as discussed earlier, but I have met my fashion match folks. 
Danial is extremely hard to please.  He has a definite point of view and is a man that knows what he likes.  On top of being extremely picky, it is hard to find clothes to fit him.  He is about 135 and 5'7"ish; rought a 30x30.  Well, after last night I'm beginning to think that in Columbus, Ohio it is nearly impossible to find clothes appropriate for a wedding for my dearest man.  (Also...we were trying to stay under a budget, which doesn't help.  I'm sure that we could walk into J.Crew or Banana Republic and walk out about $300 down in the bank for one outfit for Dan.  For us though, it doesn't make sense to drop that kind of mooluah on stuff like that mostly becuase we only get snazzy for weddings and really special occasions.)
Last night we went to Target (they actually have some really cute dress pants and shirts for guys) but Dan didn't find anything he liked.  We also went to Kohls and spent about an hour searching around the mens department and came up nearly empty handed.  Danial did find some Vans jeans he liked, but you can't wear jeans to a wedding now can you?  (Well...maybe to some weddings, but not this one.) 
After all the time spent we ended up buying the jeans and I found a cute skirt and shirt (both for $8 a piece) and called it a night. We were so depressed that we went home and ate ice cream on the couch.
Do you have such a hard time shopping for yourself or your mate?  Do you have a favorite store where you can always find something you like?

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