Sunday, July 11, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Do you ever wake up and think, “Really?!”
Today was one of these days for me.
Last night Danial and I went bowling with our dear friends Heather and Melanie and then for drinks later at Red Brick Inn. As usual we had a great time together talking, laughing, and drinking. The happy hangout lasted well into the night and I am paying for it this morning. I’m just a little hung-over and really tired as our heads didn’t hit the pillow until at least 1:30 am this morning. It doesn’t help that my to-do list for the day seems to keep piling up. Did I mention that we are also on a time crunch for the day? Yes folks, we have a wedding to go to and time is ticking down and as of 9:12 am this morning Danial still doesn’t know what he is going to wear to the wedding. (This is mostly because Danial is still sleeping, but also because last night he had no clue. So, unless he has been dreaming about slacks, shirt & tie combos, he probably still doesn’t know.)
Despite all that we have to do before this wedding (clean my vehicle, iron my clothes, find Dan clothes, buy a wedding gift and card, etc), I decided to take some time out for myself this morning. This “Lindsay Time” included making pancakes, drinking coffee, and watching a documentary.
I love making pancakes. Pancakes are probably a close second to my favorite breakfast food: the omelet. I love all sorts of pancakes but my top three are blueberry pancakes, whole wheat banana almond, and Trader Joe’s pumpkin mix. As a rule, I never order pancakes while out at restaurants because they just don’t do it like it like it. Seriously, I’m a little obsessed with how particular I am about my pancakes.
I can remember my dad teaching me how to make pancakes when I was a “tween”. I remember paying close attention as he told me how to know if they are ready to flip, “Just look for the bubbles.” I still hear this when I am standing over my skillet, spatula in hand. “Look for the bubbles. Look for the bubbles.” (I think I turn into Rain Man while in the kitchen.) In addition to the “bubble” talk, some of my fondest childhood memories include my grandma fixing me pancakes in her cast iron skillet. I’m not sure if it is the skillet or years of practice but my grandma’s pancakes are AWESOME! She always made silver dollar pancakes (which is how I make mine) and the edges were slightly crispy and the pancake was the perfect consistency; not too thick and not too thin. I have almost mastered the art of grandma’s pancakes as my pancakes have a little bit of a crispy edge. After this morning I really think that part of the secret lies in the skillet. (I will now be on the lookout for a cast iron skillet at the thrift store.)
I mentioned that I also watched a documentary and it was fantastic! “No Impact Man” is a film which follows Collin Beavan and his family as they go a year with making NO IMPACT on the Earth. They made their changes in stages and one of the hardest things to watch was the food/drink phase where they started eating only local foods and Collin’s wife had her last Starbucks. She was standing in the streets of New York City with her to-go cup in hand and was nearly moved to tears as she uttered the words, “my last espresso.” It hit me like a ton of bricks: “Could I do that?” Clearly when/if Danial and I have children I will need to give up my daily coffee crutch, but could I voluntarily give up coffee just to do it? I don’t think so. I think that aside from the great experiment of making no impact on the Earth, the best part of the film is the relationship between Collin and his wife. It was fantastic to watch their lives and their intense conversations that were able to be captured on screen. It was amazing to see how their lives were impacted by the challenge, how it was made stronger (nothing makes marriage stronger than washing laundry in the shower) and how living without every day luxuries creates tension and resentment. All in all it was a great documentary because it opened your eyes to little changes you can make in your life like using cloth diapers or eating local foods. The film also opened by eyes about relationships, about how often we turn to electronics rather than to each other. It made me really think about our future children and about how I don’t want them to be addicted to the television or video games. I want our kids to play with wooden toys, I want them to enjoy eating fresh vegetables, and how to catch lightning bugs in jars, and know that they need to be home by dark, rather than being told to turn off the video games. I want them to know what it is to appreciate what you have and to not always want the next best thing. If you like documentaries, I highly recommend this one and if you use Netflix it is available for instant streaming (I watched it through our Xbox).
Now that I have used up nearly an hour and a half of Lindsay breakfast and blogging time, I am now off to find the ShopVac and Windex to clean my car. Here is my cleaning tip for the day: Use coffee filters to clean your glass. This is a trick I learned in college when I was a hostess at a restaurant. It works great because you don’t get any leftover lint from paper towels.)

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