Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding weekend

On Sunday we went to watch our friends Kevin + Julie marry.  It was a beautiful ceremony and Julie was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  It was magical to watch her walk down the isle and Kevin looked absolutely blown away by her beauty.  It was a night of celebration, family, and friends. 
Dan's twin brother David and his girlfriend Jackie, after the ceremony
Me and Danial, after the ceremony
(I realize now that I look back at these photos that The dress would have been better with heels and I need a little gold belt to cinch the waist.  I look a little "sack" like in this dress.)
Cocktail hour (45 minutes) was outside, in the back of the property.  It was an absolutely beautiful venue (I should have take more pictures of the house) but it was HOT HOT HOT during cocktails.  I had a Julie-tini and it was fabulous!
Danial and I working on our tans during the cocktail hour.  (Notice my Miley Cyrus sunglasses.)
The centerpiece at our table.  The hydrangeas were beautiful and my favorite were these little droopy moss things (does anyone know what they are?).  Notice my Julie-tini, it really was delicious.  Rather than having traditional favors, the couple chose various charities to donate funds too.  Each table was named after a charity; ours was Haiti Animal Relief.  In addition to the donations, each place setting had bracelts with the name of the charity and the charity website. 
This is the best picture I have of Julie's dress (my other pictues were obscured by people's heads and shadows were horrible in the tent).  It was a gold/ivory color blend with tulle underneath.  I'm glad I caught a picture of the beautiful jewels on the side of the dress.  During the ceremony she wore a birdcage veil just over her eyes.  My favorite part of the picture is how Kevin is looking at her.  BEAUTIFUL IN LOVE!!!

Like Angie,  over at One Cat Per Person, attending a wedding over the weekend has me really excited for my own wedding.  Angie's is right around the corner, while mine is over a year away.  I can't wait to see pictures from Angie's big day. 


  1. How beautiful!
    P.S. I saw that you linked "A Practical Wedding." My recently-married friend Kathryn swears by that site!

  2. Awww shucks! Thanks, Lindsay!

    I love going to weddings while planning our wedding. Ok, let me get that straight- I don't love the travel or dress hunting or hotel finding- but I LOVE being at the wedding. It has made me see things in a different way and appreciate the love and care that went into them. Knowing how much I care about my own and experiencing a day that someone else has put so much thought and work into is wonderful.

    Can't wait to see pics from yours too!!!!!!!!! Yay!

    p.s. You and Danial are toooo cute!

  3. You look gorgeous - NOT sack-like. Weddings can be long, in which case, it's nice to feel somewhat comfortable. As much as I love the belted look, it can feel a little restricting at times...you know?

    I agree with Angie - you and Danial are too cute!



  4. I like your red dress...I also love the brides dress! I really like the bling on on it!

  5. Thanks guy! You are making me blush!!! Julie's dress was amazing!!! I'm just said I didn't get better pictures!!!

  6. I love the flower in your hair — the perfect finishing touch! It sounds like you had fun :)


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