Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have a great weekend

You may recall from last weekend, that we tried to go to the Marysville Hot Air Balloon Festival. didn't happen because we were rained out.  We ended up have a super late dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse with Heather and Melanie. 
Little did we know that there is another balloon festival in our area (this one is even closer)!  I had to drive Danial to work on Friday morning (again...the VW is in the shop) and I was so giddy with excitement to see the balloons in the distance.  No question about it, we are going to "Balloons and Tunes."
After the balloon festival, we are planning a movie night with friends.  Should be a relaxing and fun filled day.  I'm very excited to enjoy this mild weather that Ohio has been having. 
The song for the weekend is a song that I can't believe I missed the first time 'round.  I still love the Killers and so far I am liking the solo Brandon Flowers stuff as well. 
Enjoy the music and have a great weekend!

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