Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life is crazy

I have come to the terms with the fact that my blogging will probably not be every day like it was a few months ago.  Please forgive me. 
Life has just taken over and I'm trying to balance everything.  My laundry schedule still sucks.  I have three loads of dirty laundry piled up on our bedroom floor and another two loads of clean laundry downstsairs waiting to be folded.  Well...I say to you clean laundry, "You'll just have to wait!"  Also, we haven't had a chance to get on a good grocery shopping schedule.  Last night for dinner we had crusty french bread, kalamata olives, and hummus for dinner.  My lunch today will be Raisin Bran.  Its tough around here folks.
On the upside, I won $100 from work yesterday.  I am turning this $100 into a Home Depot gift card to help us get a little closer to finished on our front porch project.  Once the 90 degree days are behind us, we will be starting on this project.  We have finally found a color red we can both agree on and I've already purchased new cushions for our chairs.  (On a side note, these cushions are still $42 online.  I snagged them at our local store for $5 each.  Take that internet!)
While I haven't had time to devot to life's important things (laundry, food, etc) I have had plenty of time to find goodies on the internet.  Here is a sampling of what I am loving right now:
1) Burlap  table runners, Mason Jars and wild flowers. 
I'm pretty sure this couple was stealing my dreams.  (It has been weeks since I saw Inception and I still can't get it out of my head.)  I am completly in love with this wedding found courtesy of Style Me Pretty.  This is one of those photos I will be taking with me to show our wedding coordinator.  I want my tables to have this feeling.  Relaxed.  Simple.  Pretty.
2) Get out of the water!
Now.  I didn't find these online.  I actually bought them at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, but have yet to share them with you folks.  I can't wait to see him in these ridiculously funny socks on our wedding day.  I liked them because they are inconspicuous.  Without your pant leg hiked up, they will look like just another pair of boring black socks.  I am hoping to find some beautiful wedding shoes so we can do a wedding picture like this (found at 100 Layer Cake).
3) DIY (no DIT on this one)
Danial and I went thrifting last weekend and we found tons of goodies.  Danial found a vintage Kodak camera from the 60's.  It still works and he has been snapping photos with it all week.  I also found a jacket originally sold at Anthropology for $5.99 and a Kensie cardigan for $0.99.  However...the purchae I am most excited about is my wedding day hankie.  It is a Tiffany blue color with a little bit of crochet on one side and scalloped edges.  I may use patterns similar to the ones above, found at Sublime Stiching to sew flowers and my new monogram on it.  If I don't use Sublime Stiching for my hankie, I am for sure getting this kit to make something else.
4) Private moments
I love that this bride and groom took time to themselves for a class of champagne in the orchard to enjoy their first moments as husband and wife.  Aside from this private moment, their entire wedding is something out of a fairy tale.  I would have loved to be a guest at this wedding.  Hell, I would have loved to been part of the catering staff, just to be there!  You should check out the whole wedding here at Steep Street and here at Green Wedding Shoes.

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