Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Office update

Over the weekend I made some huge progress on our home office. 
It went from this:
To this:
While it still needs a lot of work (don't even get me started on that bookshelf) it has come a long way and just needs some hardware to get it in shape.  Here is my shopping list for my next trip to Ikea:
1) KAJSA curtains, $29.99
Since I removed the closet doors I need another solution to hide the clutter when I am not working.  These curtains will do just the trick.  I love that they are neutral with a bit of pattern.  I may get two sets of these so I can put some on the window in the office as well.
2) ANDRUP rug, $19.99
I need this rug to cover the hardware that is in the floor for the hanging doors.  It will also help define the new workspace in the closet.  (The green also matches the color of our office chair that we got from Ikea last fall.)
3) RUTBO lamp, $39.99

Most of the lighting in our house has been replaced from the standard lighting that comes with these cookie-cutter homes.  The exception to this is the rooms that we don't spend a lot of time in: the office and the guest bedroom.  I plan to be spending a lot more time in the office for crafting, school work, and general computer stuff.  I think I deserve some pretty lighting to go along with my new room.
4) Closet desk
Photo courtesy of Martha, she rocks my world
I really want to make the closet into a work station like the one posted above, sans doors.  I'm thinking of either putting a heavy duty shelf in the closet strong enough to double as a work station or finding an old desk that perhaps could be modular.  (I'm thinking if I start sewing a lot I would want a semi-permanent work station so I don't have to lug my sewing machine to the dining table.)

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