Monday, September 13, 2010

362 days

It is official. 
Today marks 1 year until our wedding!  (Technically 362 days.  I'm a little late on this post.)
I know I'm probably a little too excited about this one year mark, but we have been engaged since November 2008 and I am excited that I can officially start implementing our brainstorming and idea gathering. 
We have already booked our venue (the venue does floral, catering, and cake) and our photographers. We have been collecting blue Ball/Mason jars for the last 6 months and I probably will be able to get the remainder of our needed jars over the next few months at flea markets and garage sales.  We also have our wedding party mapped out (we haven't officially asked anyone yet because we are trying to come up with a creative way to do this).  We also already have our wedding pie topper and our pie cutting/serving set. 
I had the day off today, so I spent the morning organizing my wedding binder and started pulling wedding dress ideas since I am going wedding dress shopping on Sunday.  The idea that Danial and I are getting married has really started to set in and I am even more wild about him than usual.  I think he is starting to realize it as well, since he has been extra sweet and generous lately.  (It is really cute to see him like this.  It reminds me of when we first started dating and he just seemed so grateful to have me in his life.)
I am very nervous about going wedding dress shopping.  I'm afraid that I will not be able to find anything to fit since I am oddly proportioned (long torso, short legs, short in general at 5'4''), I want something unique but traditional, modern but vintage.  Also...I am cheap!  I find it ridiculous to pay crazy money for something I am going to wear for about 5-6 hours of my life.  Does anyone have any tips or some things to keep in mind while looking?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Danial and I are slowly, but surely getting into the swing of wedding planning.  we have already drafted a rough wedding guest list and I have to say that I am really proud of us.  We are under the head count I thought we would be and this suits me just fine.  I really want to have people who are really close with us.  Who know Danial and I very well and who will be happy to share in our day.
As the day gets closer, here are a few things that I am preparing to buy in the upcoming months:
1) Today was a good day, Paper Jam via Felt & Wire
This is our guestbook alternative.  We are planning to have people simply sign their names and then we will frame it to hang in our home after the wedding.
2) Recycled Skateboard Dot Dot Dot Cuff Links by Sevenply via Etsy
Dan has been skateboarding since he was about 12.  When we first met I was so in love that I thought I would learn how to skateboard.  A few lessons and falls later I still am not a skateboarder.  I can stand on a board and turn left or right, but that is it.  I think Dan would appreciate these rather than "traditional" cuff links.  I plan to convo the seller and see if we can get colors that fit with our scheme.
3) Custom Wood Handle Wedding or Address Stamp Nottingham by NoteTrunk via Etsy
We may use these for our wedding invitations, but surely for shower invites and thank you's, not to mention everyday use after the wedding.
4) Wedding button/favors
(photo from here by Buttonhead)
Danial and I are not giving traditional favors to our wedding guests.  Quite honestly, I think traditional favors are silly and most of the time are either thrown away or are redundant.  (No offense to thos brides who go ga-ga over favors.)  We are donating the money that we would traditionally spend on favors to my favorite charity: The Franklin County Animal Shelter.  We adopted Fergus from this shelter about 3 years ago and I started volunteering there about 6-9 months ago.  I am hoping to have a friend or a seller on Etsy design a cute button with Fergus' face on it.  I am also trying to come up with a creative way to display these buttons with our place cards.  (I'm thinking about using these huge frames that my mom snagged at her office for $2/frame and using cotton batting and fabric to use as a memo board.  I found this DIY tutorial via Made By Girl, but I'm thinking if I use cotton batting instead of cork it will be easier to use for my purposes.  My thought is to use shipping tags like these for place cards and maybe do something like this to spiff them up.  Then we will use the Fergus pins through the tag hole to hold them in the frames.  People take their place card and their Fergus pin.  Win-win.)
5) Army Green Hand Grenade Soap by stinkybomb via Etsy
Danial can ALWAYS without fail, but found wearing classic Vans sneakers.  When I first met him he wore the slip on Vans and has since "classed it up" with sneakers with laces.  He is still trying to decide if he will wear sneakers for the wedding.  (It just seams weird to see him wear anything else.)  If he decides to wear sneakers, we plan to buy matching shoes for all the groomsmen as their groomsman gifts.  If Danial decides to go the traditional route and where shiny black shoes, then we will be buying these babies for our groomsmen.  Not only are they local (made right here in Columbus), they are HILARIOUS!


  1. So exciting! I'm sure it will be the best day of your lives!

    P.S: I'm having a custom map pendant giveaway, come and check it out! ;)

  2. the ideas you have sound awesome!

    we did buttons and they were a hit. so cute to see everyone wearing them. we used an Etsy shop called Brainscan to make the buttons. she was excellent, timely and really good about making changes. i think there was a little trouble with the format because my husband used pdf's and she needed them in something else. i obviously have no idea what sort of jargon to use. sorry! and i love the poster idea too!

    p.s. my husband was also a skater (hasn't done it in years, but he has the scars to prove it and they are so hot. haha!) totally feel you on that vibe.


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