Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Won't you [quit] be[ing] my neighbor

Let me preface this post by saying that normally I am totally laid back about neighbors and our *cough* "different styles of living".  I think this comes from living on the OSU campus and generally just getting used to dicks as neighbors.  However...when Danial and I bought our first house two years ago, we never would have thought we'd be living across the street from grown knuckle heads.
Let me start on the list of their transgressions:
1) They had a yard sale two weeks ago and then left the stuff that didn't sell (or take to Goodwill) in the yard for over a week.  Basically everytime we looked out our living room windows we saw two dining room tables and a coffee table strewn across their yard.
2) Their kids are rowdy and do not care about other people's property or space.  They have 5 children that are always in the street and in other people's yards.  (Perhaps this is the country girl coming out in me, but I would NEVER just walk in someone's yard or play in their driveway without first asking if it was okay.)
3) The wife baby sits out of her home and I swear throughout the day there are no less than 10 children coming and going.  Her "client's" drive about 50 mph down the street (which is not good when her kids are always in the street).  If I wanted to live in a commerce district, I would not have moved to the suburbs. 
4) They own 4-5 vehicles and one of them is a make-shift ice cream truck.  (Believe me.  I could not make this shit up if I tried.)  Basically he took an old conversion van and retrofitted a cooler on the inside and placed all sorts of tacky spiderman and ice cream stickers on it.  Did I mention that said van has two windows out of it and are covered with garbage bags.  Their vehicle lineup includes a Hummer, a Solara, mini van, and the ice cream truck.  Danial says that they also have a Audi roadster in their garage.  The roadster doesn't drive because he bought it at a junk yard with a salvage title.  He is always bringing some new vehicle to the house every 3-5 months.  The recent "purchase" is the Solara, it just started showing up last week and currently is sitting in their driveway without any temporary license tags on it.
And finally...this is the one that has us the most pissed of lately....
5) They park right next to or in front of our driveway.  Okay, so we already know they own 4-5 vehicles and they have junk in their garage so they can't park them there.  They pile all the vehicles in their driveway and then the ice cream truck is now always parked on the street (again, right outside our living room windows) and they have now started parking their mini-van in front of our house.  No big deal.  It is a public street.  Where it becomes a big deal, is when they are parking right next to or in front of our driveway.  As I mentioned previously, I used to live on a college campus and after multiple parking tickets, became very familiar with the city's rules of parking.  One of these rules indicates that you need to be four feet from a driveway or an ally.  These people are clearly breaking this rule and at the same time, pissing me off!
Last night was trash day, so I am giving him a passive agressive hint by placing our trash can approximately four feet away from the edge of our driveway.  I'm hoping that when he gets home from his job that he'll see this as a hint.  If this "hint" doesn't work, I will be printing a copy of the street code and placing under his windshield wiper the next time he parks in front of our driveway.  If this doesn't work, I will be filing a complaint with the home owners association and possibly the city police. 
Am I blowing this out of proportion?  I'm not saying that he can't park on the street.  I just don't want him to park in front of my driveway.  There is PLENTY of room to park on the street between our driveway and the next driveway.  He just needs to respect other people's place and property.  See a theme here?  His children are already picking up on how to treat other people.
Have you ever had to put up with jackass neighbors like this?  If so, how did you handle it?  How should we handle this situation? 


  1. i lived on campus for all of college and then another 4 years after when i worked at them. i couldn't wait to live off and get a space. fortunately, we don't have the jerky neighbors, but i can only imagine how pissed i'd be if i bought a home and had to deal with inconsiderate people.

    i can see how you're irked, especially with the parking situation. would it help to talk to them personally?

    when i was growing up our home was kind of like that- minus the junk in the yard, the bazillion cars, and we never played in other people's lawns. but my grandma took care of me, my two siblings, and my three cousins before and after school. all of us got dropped off at her house some point during the day. we'd play outside and since we ranged in ages from 4 to 12, all of the neighborhood kids would come by to play with us. a neighbor who didn't like kids playing in the street (or our family) called the police to report that my grandma was running an illegal day care. i laugh about it now b/c i don't know how a little old grandma is running a day care when she's taking care of her own grand children. i don't know where this person got off.... the houses that surrounded us were occupied by families that lived there for 10+ years. my mom was really offended (mostly because we were one of three families of color on our block- and we knew some of the other families didn't want us there). if someone had mentioned something to my grandma or my mom, i'm sure it would have turned out differently.

    so maybe letting them know that you'd appreciate it if they park on their side of the street or at least leave space next to your driveway would be helpful. it may avoid hurt feelings and keep everyone on friendly terms.

  2. Angie,

    First thank you so much for commenting. You've made me think about a few things.

    One, I have thought about talking to them about this but haven't yet. I've actually never talked to these neighbors, ever (aside from his Hello in passing). I'd hate for the first time that I talk to them to be about these negative things. Perhaps that's my bad for never introducing myself to them in the past (Dan for that matter too). But truthfully, we only speak to one of our 6 neighbors on the regular. I guess we need to be a little more open with our neighbors.

    Also, I think I've just let things go for so long and have never spoke up or out about it. I think I have let things get to a point (where I have a list) and it is super frustrating. Again, my bad.

    I guess I just assumed that things would change over time. Change doesn't happen until we make it happen. I guess instead of complaining about it, I should first attempt to work it out with them and THEN if they don't try to stop parking in front of our driveway, then I can continue to complain about them.

    If it continues for the rest of the week I am going to mention something to them over the weekend. I'll keep ya' posted.


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