Friday, October 29, 2010

I should really being doing homework...

Tonight we wen to a bar to celebrate a good friend's birthday. 
He moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania (that word looks funny when you have had a few beers) and was back in town to celebrate his 31st birthday. 
On the way home after 3 Sam Adams (I'm officially getting old) Danial and I were talking about people who need "validation" to make themselves feel better or at least "okay".  During this conversation I revealed that (you might want to sit down for this one) I LIKE TO ME TOLD I AM PRETTY/CUTE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE/SEXY from time to time. 
Dan informed me that this is "validation".  I emphatically disagreed.
Seriously....just because I like to be told that I am pretty/cute/hot/attractive/sexy doesn't mean I NEED validation.  It simply means I like hearing it.
They are two separate things.
Can you dig?
Hear me out on this one...
I think that in the grand scheme of things, on the "attractive scale", I'm closer to "okay" or "cute" than I am closer to "ugh" or "butterface".  (Did I seriously type "butterface" on my blog?  Note to self: don't blog after beer again.  Hmmmm I could make a t-shirt out of that: "Don't blog after beer".  I like it!)
Back to my point.....just because I LIKE to hear that my man thinks I am cute, doesn't mean that I don't think I am cute.  I am finally to a point in my life, after 26 years, that I am okay, even happy with how I look.  It is just nice to know that all the self affirmations that I do in the mirror aren't just me talking to myself.  I know that Dan thinks I'm cute, it just like to hear it every now and then.
His argument is that he's never been the sort of guy that tells people stuff like that.  I beg to differ, sir!  When we started dating he used to tell me all the time how hot I was.  Now....after 6 years, its like I'm chop liver or something.
So the question is dear I being unreasonable?
Should I expect to hear that Dan thinks I am PRETTY/CUTE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE/SEXY from time to time or should my soon-to-be-wife radar automatically sense it?  Is my need to hear things really stemming from some insecurity?  Does this mean I need "validation" from the man I love?
PS.  Is it weird that I had both Sam Adams Oktoberfest AND Sam Adams Winter Lager in the same evening?  I think the bar should not server Winter Lager until after Thanksgiving.  Isn't there an unwritten rule about this?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hoff?

I had to wake up early before work today to finish some school work.  (Story of my life and why I probably shouldn't be trying to go back to school, work a full time job, keep a house, and plan a wedding.  My life is too crazy right now.)
Anyway, I was entering a new station into Pandora for this band I'm newly obsessed with-Broken Bells and look what ad appeared in the sidebar....

I had to share for feat that no one would believe me.
How great is this advertisement?
I didn't like The Hoff, but now.....maybe I do?  The verdict is still out.  Do you know who I really love?  The adveristing/marketing team at Norton.  I would love to have a beer with whomever created this ad. 

More of life and the craziness that has filled it lately including school work, a new position at "the job", family drama, sickness, dental dilemas, sewing, and Halloween.  On my goodness.  This sentence makes me want to take a nap, just thinking about it all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Literary Tattoos

Nearly two years ago Danial and I got matching tattoos (but not on purpose). I have always liked the quote or idea that "Love Conquers All". It originally appeared in Latin as "Omnia Vincit Amor" and is most notably attributed to Virgil in Eclougues. The full quote is "Love conquers all; let us, too, yield to Love!” Ever since high school I have loved it. The thing I most love about literature is that two people can read it and gain different things from the text. For me, it sort of encompasses my relationship with Danial: love itself doesn't conquer all; the promise that two people make to keep their love and commitment strong above all else, that is what conquers all. So I say to you..."Let us, too, yield to Love!"
Anyway, back to my story. Danial and I had always talked about getting a "matching" tattoo, but had never really planned it. We picked a random Tuesday evening to go to the tattoo parlor. I got mine first and as Joe was finishing up with me, Dan asked if he had time to do one for him too. Mine is on my left wrist, Dan's on his right. He told the tattoo artist, this was when we hold hands the tattoos meet. (Seriously, most people might not think this is cute/sweet, but I nearly melted when he said it.) 
(Pardon the poor picture.  This was camera-phone quality and about an hour after we got them so they are still red and swollen.)
So I read this story on Huffington Post, I was immediately drawn to it.  Here are a few of my favorits.  Click here for additional shots.  Which are your favorites?
James Claffey, Baton Rouge LA; Lines from Beckett.
Kristina Grinovich, Boston MA; Kafka sleeve

Thursday, October 7, 2010


As I've gotten a little older, I've found that shopping to fit my style is harder and harder.  I no longer gravitate to the juniors department and I'm not quite ready to wear the soccer mom styles either.  So, lately I've been shopping the random racks at Target and the occasional trip to H&M  or The Gap.  That was until I stumbled upon Beth Jones.  I love how her style is effortless and she really breaks it down to the point where I think, "Gee...I could do that!"  She combines vintage, thrift, and new together in a way that really ressonates with me.
I particularly love one of the latest looks from her blog, B. Jones Style.  Makes me want to kick myself for not buying that vintage shirt over the weekend while thrifting.
(Photo credit: B. Jones Style.)
I have decided that this fall will be the fall where I discover myself including my style.  

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today was a good day...

Life has been crazy lately.  Absolutely crazy!
Work has been pretty sucky, which has not been good for my mood as of late.  Also, my classes started on Monday, which has added yet another layer of stress to my life.  (Everytime these classes start, I think to myself, "Why am I doing this?")  I keep trying to tell myself after this semester, only 4 more classes to go and bachelors degree #2 will be under my belt.  Just gotta keep going I guess...
Also, I've been trying to get back on the workout plan and that isn't going so well.  I'm doing this "Couch to 5K" plan that a wonderful lady at work introduced me to.  The plan is to walk/run at varying intervals over a 2 month period.  So far it is pretty easy, just trying to get on an actual schedule is the difficult part.
This weekend has been pretty eventful so far though.  Yesterday I went to Ikea with my mom and then we went to an antique mall.  I got some great stuff for the wedding yesterday.  I scored a dozen blue ball jars for $14.  They are pint jars, which I think will look great next to a quart jar on our guest tables.  I also was able to pick up some vintage hankies for the ladies in my life.  My idea is to give my bridesmaids as well as our grandmothers and my mom a hankie for the day.  I also just bought our "guest book alternative" from Paper Jam Press...
I cannot wait to hang this above our bed until the wedding and then see it after with our guests names.  I think it will be a great reminder of the day and our lives together.
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