Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hoff?

I had to wake up early before work today to finish some school work.  (Story of my life and why I probably shouldn't be trying to go back to school, work a full time job, keep a house, and plan a wedding.  My life is too crazy right now.)
Anyway, I was entering a new station into Pandora for this band I'm newly obsessed with-Broken Bells and look what ad appeared in the sidebar....

I had to share for feat that no one would believe me.
How great is this advertisement?
I didn't like The Hoff, but now.....maybe I do?  The verdict is still out.  Do you know who I really love?  The adveristing/marketing team at Norton.  I would love to have a beer with whomever created this ad. 

More of life and the craziness that has filled it lately including school work, a new position at "the job", family drama, sickness, dental dilemas, sewing, and Halloween.  On my goodness.  This sentence makes me want to take a nap, just thinking about it all.

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  1. Wow, Norton! swing-and-a-miss! I've never been worried about Hasselhoff in my oscillating fan? That's amazing, thanks for sharing, for sure. (and props on broken bells, one of my faves!)


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