Friday, October 29, 2010

I should really being doing homework...

Tonight we wen to a bar to celebrate a good friend's birthday. 
He moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania (that word looks funny when you have had a few beers) and was back in town to celebrate his 31st birthday. 
On the way home after 3 Sam Adams (I'm officially getting old) Danial and I were talking about people who need "validation" to make themselves feel better or at least "okay".  During this conversation I revealed that (you might want to sit down for this one) I LIKE TO ME TOLD I AM PRETTY/CUTE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE/SEXY from time to time. 
Dan informed me that this is "validation".  I emphatically disagreed.
Seriously....just because I like to be told that I am pretty/cute/hot/attractive/sexy doesn't mean I NEED validation.  It simply means I like hearing it.
They are two separate things.
Can you dig?
Hear me out on this one...
I think that in the grand scheme of things, on the "attractive scale", I'm closer to "okay" or "cute" than I am closer to "ugh" or "butterface".  (Did I seriously type "butterface" on my blog?  Note to self: don't blog after beer again.  Hmmmm I could make a t-shirt out of that: "Don't blog after beer".  I like it!)
Back to my point.....just because I LIKE to hear that my man thinks I am cute, doesn't mean that I don't think I am cute.  I am finally to a point in my life, after 26 years, that I am okay, even happy with how I look.  It is just nice to know that all the self affirmations that I do in the mirror aren't just me talking to myself.  I know that Dan thinks I'm cute, it just like to hear it every now and then.
His argument is that he's never been the sort of guy that tells people stuff like that.  I beg to differ, sir!  When we started dating he used to tell me all the time how hot I was.  Now....after 6 years, its like I'm chop liver or something.
So the question is dear I being unreasonable?
Should I expect to hear that Dan thinks I am PRETTY/CUTE/HOT/ATTRACTIVE/SEXY from time to time or should my soon-to-be-wife radar automatically sense it?  Is my need to hear things really stemming from some insecurity?  Does this mean I need "validation" from the man I love?
PS.  Is it weird that I had both Sam Adams Oktoberfest AND Sam Adams Winter Lager in the same evening?  I think the bar should not server Winter Lager until after Thanksgiving.  Isn't there an unwritten rule about this?

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