Thursday, October 7, 2010


As I've gotten a little older, I've found that shopping to fit my style is harder and harder.  I no longer gravitate to the juniors department and I'm not quite ready to wear the soccer mom styles either.  So, lately I've been shopping the random racks at Target and the occasional trip to H&M  or The Gap.  That was until I stumbled upon Beth Jones.  I love how her style is effortless and she really breaks it down to the point where I think, "Gee...I could do that!"  She combines vintage, thrift, and new together in a way that really ressonates with me.
I particularly love one of the latest looks from her blog, B. Jones Style.  Makes me want to kick myself for not buying that vintage shirt over the weekend while thrifting.
(Photo credit: B. Jones Style.)
I have decided that this fall will be the fall where I discover myself including my style.  


  1. this is the perfect fall outfit.

  2. great style find..i agree...i'm between the jr.'s department and the soccer mom style as well...feeling your pain.


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