Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Literary Tattoos

Nearly two years ago Danial and I got matching tattoos (but not on purpose). I have always liked the quote or idea that "Love Conquers All". It originally appeared in Latin as "Omnia Vincit Amor" and is most notably attributed to Virgil in Eclougues. The full quote is "Love conquers all; let us, too, yield to Love!” Ever since high school I have loved it. The thing I most love about literature is that two people can read it and gain different things from the text. For me, it sort of encompasses my relationship with Danial: love itself doesn't conquer all; the promise that two people make to keep their love and commitment strong above all else, that is what conquers all. So I say to you..."Let us, too, yield to Love!"
Anyway, back to my story. Danial and I had always talked about getting a "matching" tattoo, but had never really planned it. We picked a random Tuesday evening to go to the tattoo parlor. I got mine first and as Joe was finishing up with me, Dan asked if he had time to do one for him too. Mine is on my left wrist, Dan's on his right. He told the tattoo artist, this was when we hold hands the tattoos meet. (Seriously, most people might not think this is cute/sweet, but I nearly melted when he said it.) 
(Pardon the poor picture.  This was camera-phone quality and about an hour after we got them so they are still red and swollen.)
So I read this story on Huffington Post, I was immediately drawn to it.  Here are a few of my favorits.  Click here for additional shots.  Which are your favorites?
James Claffey, Baton Rouge LA; Lines from Beckett.
Kristina Grinovich, Boston MA; Kafka sleeve


  1. aw i love this! now go hold hands and be all cute!

  2. Love your matching tattoos and the first tattoo from the HuffPost story! That is a great quote....but I am a sucker for sleeves!


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