Friday, December 31, 2010

Have a great weekend

"I took down Christmas."
These were the first words I spoke to Danial this morning.  His response, "Oh."
Turthfully, taking down the Christmas decorations is usually a sad thing, but I was so happy to get rid of them this year.  Danial and I were not in the Christmas mood at all.  This is embarassing, but I think we only turned the lights on our tree two or three times.  Sad, I know.  I still have to go outside and take down the outdoor decorations.  Thank goodness I waited until this weekend.  It is 50 degrees today in Ohio!  I seriously can't belive it.  I don't think Fergus can either.  I took him outside this morning and he had a little extra skip in his step; he knows it won't be long until Spring settles in.
Another reason I was excited to take the Christmas decorations down is because I can start decorating for our dinner party!  We won a contest through Annie Chuns and long story short: we are throwing a dinner party.  Annie Chun sent us a HUGE box of food, sauces, and take home gifts for our guests.  Based on the dinner party and our submissions to Annie Chuns, we have the chance to win $500.  I'm just really excited to throw a party and have all our friends over for some good food and some games.
Aside from cleaning and doing laundry, I plan to hit up the thrift store and find some decorations for our party.  I am especially going to keep my eye out for some world globes and some Chinese lanterns.  I'm excited to attempt to decorate with things we already had or thrifted things.  It will be a "green" Annie Chun's dinner party.  I already have some Chinese lanterns down in the basement left over from my college dorm days.  The only things we should have to buy are some Chinese takeout boxes for leftovers.
I have been addicted to NPR lately, mostly becase I can listen to radio now at work.  Did I tell you all I got a new, less stressful position at work?  Well...I did and it has been great.  I basically just reply to email all day, which can be a bit monotonous, but it beats what I was doing.  Aside from less stress, the position has better hours as well.  Win, win!  The story of B. Virdot has been my most favorite story from Morning Edition this year.  If you have a little time, please listen.  It is an amazing story of giving and of pure kindness.   I plan to get the book "A Secret Gift" by Ted Gup by my grandmother's birthday in May.  I'm sure she would love it because it will remind her of her childhood after the Depression, but also because it is close to home.  The B. Virdot story takes place in Canton, Ohio, about 1 hour away from our home.
Aside from lots of NPR, I also am able to listen to my favorite radio station, CD101 at work.  One of my favorite songs from this year is from Mumford and Sons.  I kick myself everytime I hear their music, because we could have seen them for $5 this year.  We didn't.  We suck.

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